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Failure is not something to Fear

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 9   |   Comments: 0

Can you remember the last time you failed miserably?  I bet it is not easy to forget.  What were the emotions you experienced?  Depression, Shame, Embarrassment?   The effect of failure on out emotions leaves us with a total aversion for it.  We don't often talk about our failures and try to forget about it as soon as we can.  However, failure is something no one can escape.  Failure is something that everyone in life has to face at one time or another. The negative impact of failure in our lives can sometimes be so traumatic that leaves us with a morbid fear of failure.

Fear of failure can be a very restrictive effect on our lives. Think about it, did you ever experienced fear of failure to such an extent that you rather did nothing than give it a try?  There may be several people who have experienced this at some point. This can be a terribly immobilizing experience making it easy to get stuck and not move further forward and grow.

The Root of Fear of Failure

The root of a fear of failure lies in the perception of failure, which can vary from person to person. What one person will experience as a complete failure, will probably be only a minor upset for someone else.   Being afraid to fail is a natural reaction and something that we all feel. However, being afraid to fail, while pushing to try something new, cannot be described as a fear of failure.  Fear of failure is when the fear is actually prevents you from doing something, and prevents you from moving forward.

Identification of Fear of Failure

When is the fear of failure becoming a problem? There are three signs to be monitored constantly and if you experience these symptoms, you may suffer from an un-healthy fear of failure.

  • Avoid. Avoid getting involved in new projects or lack of interest in trying something new and unknown.
  • Procrastination. You often procrastinate and seem to have an inability to follow through on objectives.
  • Lack of confidence. You often experience a lack of confidence or suffer from debilitating low self-esteem, and constantly have to cope with feelings of inferiority.

Change your Perception

To go through life without experiencing some kind of failure at one time or another is almost impossible. To do this you must live a life of total safety to the extent that you are never going to do much. The only way to ensure progress and growth is to make mistakes or fail at something a few times.

The good news is that failure is directly related to your perception. This means that by simply changing your perception of what you perceive as a failure, you can change the failure as well.

You can choose to see failure as shameful and as proof of how incompetent you are. You may feel depressed and miserable with a total unwillingness to even try something new.

Or, one can choose to see failure as a part of your education. The errors are learning experiences that will enrich your life and leaves you wiser than before. To achieve this wisdom created by mistakes is very important for your development and growth.  But wisdom is only achieved if we learn from our mistakes and not continue to make the same mistakes again and again.

Take control of failure by changing your perception and you will prevent failures from stopping your progress. If you continue to allow failure to stop your progress, you'll miss all the opportunities that present themselves to you. Conquering the fear of failure will make you free to experiment and experience, learn and grow.

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