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Facial Exercise Melts Double Chins

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 54   |   Comments: 0

Double chins are move prevalent now than ever before as people exhibit the telltale signs of weight gain.  Yes, obesity is a world wide health epidemic and it affects more than just our waist lines.

Funny thing about our bodies€¦you can cover up a somewhat overweight body using loose clothes, black tops and slacks and even some long jackets can disguise body flaws but there is nothing that can camouflage that hanging flesh under our chins that absolutely ages every face. 

Double chins are worn by both men and women, yet while wearing extra pounds of flesh may indeed be displayed under our jaw; sagging chins are the result of the extra weight impacting the very large, dense neck muscle. 

If you see a double chin in your mirror, just know that your facial muscles are definitely sagging and elongating, too.  

Facial muscles can elongate up to one-half inch by the time your face is 55 years old.  This elongation gives you hooded eyes, sagging cheeks, jowls, pouches and the dreaded wattle can, over time, become a full-blown double chin. 

Medical professionals would like you to believe that liposuction is the ideal solution to remedy a big chin that detracts from your good looks.  

What if you cannot afford a large cash outlay?  Maybe you have diabetes or take high blood pressure medication; did you know that certain medication might interfere with a successful procedure?  Maybe you just cringe at the thought of someone manipulating a cannula under your skin.  What about significant risk to your good health? 

What if you choose liposuction and you do not like the results?  What can you do about dents and lumps?  What if your results look unnatural?  What is your remedy?  Do you hope the surgeon will refund your money?  That is highly unlikely. 

Many people who desire a younger looking face have decided to choose a path that involves an all natural, alternative method - one that does not create health risks and one that guarantees that you will look exactly like yourself only younger and certainly recognizable. 

This alternative method is facial exercise that uses resistance and isometric contraction of the muscles.  When these methods are employed, the facial muscles strengthen and lift, creating a more youthful face in just hardly any time at all. 

Most medical practitioners have been leery to recommend facial exercise to their clients because many programs consist of twists, puckers, contortions and movements of the face that are mostly laughable.  Everyone would indeed be right to avoid those unlikely expressions because repetitive movements can accentuate existing lines and wrinkles.  Repeated contortions might even create lines and wrinkles. 

Using isometric with resistance facial exercise applies the same principles to the face that are used for the body.  This type of exercise training plumps up the muscles and muscle groups with oxygenated blood, the skin acts youthful and a new smoothness develops in your face. 

Will you look like you did at 20?  Not exactly but you will enjoy an improved, lifted, and tightened face and neck.  That double chin will begin to melt away as muscles strengthen and return to a more youthful position. 

Most plastic surgery procedures hope to help you look ten years younger but often the recipient of surgery only looks like they have had work done, not necessarily any younger.  Surgery is risky business and economically there is a lot of money involved for temporary, risky procedures. 

Facial exercise that uses resistance and isometric retraining of the facial muscles produces amazing results that can surpass facial plastic surgery results.  Surgery creates flat, taut faces that usually look unnatural and if laser techniques are applied, faces appear shiny and eerie looking and possibly unrecognizable. 

Injections that plump and paralyze facial features do not look natural; strings, electro-stimulation, and other modalities are not youthfully complimentary. 

Your best bet to erase the years?  Your thumbs and fingers.  Anchoring facial muscles to generate a contraction is the ticket to a lifetime of facial fitness.

Imagine Looking in the mirror after only a few weeks of using facial exercise to see a younger version of yourself peering back at you. That doble chin and sagging face that caused a lack of self-confidence can be substantially eliminated using facial exercise for just minutes a day. Your self-esteem will soar and you will be delighted with your results. 

Exercise is a very inexpensive modality that brings sustainable results.  What do you have to lose?  Only your tired, out of shape face.   Just give it a try!

To try it yourself please go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMo85HUsXA4 and see how to Stop That Dreaded Double Chin - Naturally 


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