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Facial Exercise is "green"

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 48   |   Comments: 0

"Green" became the world's best used buzz word with the advent of the new Millennium; this concept changed our consciousness forever. 

The shift in our thinking has affected the use of many everyday items we previously used without understanding the potential harm they wreak.  Being more savvy consumers we no longer want shampoos, household cleaners, soaps, cosmetics and other daily used items filled with chemicals that affect not only our long-term good health but our every day living.  .

The move to use more natural ingredients has ingrained itself into our psyche as we insist that less chemical substances invade our bodies and living spaces.  We opt for bamboo floors rather than carpet and paint that won't emit that strange smell.  We are learning to adopt organic foods for the nourishment of our bodies and purchase products that enhance rather than compromise our lives.

The unrealistic expectations of plastic surgery procedures has produced a great amount of fodder in the tabloids not to mention a lot of disappointment for the men and women who have elected to use a very "un-green" method to in hopes of creating a youthful face and body.

Now as entertaining as watching celebrities slice and dice their faces, they, too, are rethinking their cosmetic surgery options.  Gone are the days that surgeons acquiesce to the whims of their patients who want a Cindy Crawford nose, Angelina lips and augmented breasts that resemble a Baywatch Babe.

Injections that plump and paralyze became very popular a few years ago.  The users of these injections didn't seem to mind initially that they were injecting their bodies with cadaver material, botulinum or chemicals that have no long term testing for efficacy.  That is changing.

Maybe the state of the economy has swayed JQ Public's opinion but maybe those users are finding the futility of injections a big drain financially.  Using expensive temporary fixes aren't a good investment and the results usually leave the users disappointed.

Facial plastic surgery could never be considered "green".  In fact, plastic surgery cuts, pulls and sutures perfectly healthy skin just hoping that the user will find the results appealing and likable. 

Plastic surgery is another futile attempt to sway the public that a barbaric measure can indeed help one look younger.   Honestly, can you tell when a person has had a surgical procedure?  Of course you can!  Skin that has been altered never looks or acts the same.

Even facial peels that are so commonly used to lift dead skin cells are not considered "green".  Why?  Most peels, whether used in doctor's offices or purchased at your local drug or department stores are filled with chemical components and these chemicals can filtrate into the body's blood system.

Similarly injections that paralyze have long thought to migrate to the brain and other areas shortly after injecting; this migration may pose health threats.  How green is that?

Green means honoring our bodies.

Exercise is one of the finest avenues to keep your body fit.  Good nutrition enhances your body so eating plenty of organic vegetables and fruit will work to keep your body slim.  Eating + exercise = better health.

Facial exercise is a component of exercise that has long been ignored.  This very green method of exercise can produce results rivaling the finest face lift.  Without sutures, without mistakes, without unrealistic expectations, your face can look healthier, revitalized and younger using simple isometric exercise techniques.

For years exercise has been thought to only affect the body from the neck down to the toes; however when your thumbs and fingers expertly hold and anchor the facial muscle or muscle groups, the result is a toned and tightened face.

If you are determined to live a more green existence, please consider using facial exercise over injections, electro-stimulation and surgery.  You will love the results that are produced by exercising only a few minutes a day, people will easily recognize you and you will be so proud of your green accomplishment.


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