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Face Wrinkles Treatment - Face Exercises Do Help

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 41   |   Comments: 0

Face wrinkles are generally of two varieties, namely those formed by an excessive or frequent contraction of muscles of the face, and those formed due to a loss of tone of the muscles.  Those face wrinkles formed by an excess of contraction of facial muscles are correctly called dynamic wrinkles.  These obviously are not going to be helped if you continually exercise an already well exercised muscle. 

It is the other form of face wrinkles (also called static wrinkles) which we are interested in.  A brief description of the structure of the face skin is helpful here.  The components of the face, from outside, are the skin (made up of the epidermis and the dermis), the underlying subcutaneous tissue which is composed of subcutaneous fat, connective tissue fibers such as elastic fibers, collagen fibers, nerves and lymphatic and blood vessels, and a muscle layer which is in turn attached to the facial bone via a membrane called the periosteum.  All of these components under the skin structure give the skin a certain volume that contributes to the skin tone and lessens the wrinkles of the skin that is overlying the volume.

Age, gravity, excessive amounts of living it up such as smoking, late nights, and the sun, together with a decrease in the tone of the underlying facial muscles all contribute to a loss of tone of the skin and general droopiness of the face.  It is this general droopiness that comes on with face wrinkles that we need to address.  We see this droopiness in the eyebrows, the eyes, the mouth, the double chins and the jowls. 

So what, you say.  Nothing like a bit of surgery to address the issue.

Easier said than done.  Surgery is an expensive and risky process, and although the effect is obviously practically instantaneous, a lot of people would rather go through less extremes.  Facial exercises will fill the gap.

Face exercises, however, are far less talked about or encouraged by various sites dealing with the reduction of face wrinkles.  This is primarily because of the fact that you cannot earn much money promoting face exercises. Far more profitable it is to promote injections,  fillers and surgery than it is to promote exercises for the face.

Yet it is obvious that if you exercises the lax muscles of the face, the tone and the volume of these muscles will increase.  At the same time, the tone and volume of the skin improves.  The increased blood flow that comes on with regular exercises of the face muscles help provide more nutrition to the facial structures as well as remove accumulated toxins.  All these result in a skin which has a healthier appearance with more volume and tone, and a reduction of the overlying skin wrinkles, as well as a general uplifting of the saggy portion of skin that has earlier come on with age and loss of subcutaneous tissue.  Face exercises are often recommended daily in the initial phases for at least a month until definite improvement is seen, and then about three times a week to maintain your skin tone.

Thus face exercises should be looked at seriously as a component of the techniques to reduce face wrinkles.  Surgery should only be recommended if the problem is serious and does not respond to face exercises.

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