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Excellence Is Perfect, Perfection Is Not

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 9   |   Comments: 0

To start off, we have two categories. One is that of excellence and the other, that of perfection. We admit that these two categories are incommensurable on a particular plane. What we wish to ask though is that does perfection constrain excellence. Given that perfection these days has been almost outdone as a possibility, can we not conclude that perfection is a provisional goal that a more general category like excellence helps us strive towards and in the process better our lives?

Perfection had put you into some sort of stasis. The very fact of perfection is status quoist by essence and excellence is that motivation which installs some positive dynamism to your life. The aim of excellence thus has always been to improve on perfections and seek new realizations of life.

Perfection is an illusion reality would like us to have sometimes. That very reality is challenged by excellence. The real perfect is the illusory state- a state of possible hallucination where everything seems to be going in one direction and uniformly. If uniformity is mistaken for a positive outcome, the motive of excellence presents it in new light pointing out the insufficiencies that accompany a uniform position.

Perfection requires no attempt to change. Thus, perfection can never be cause to achieve, to know more, and to gain greater wisdom of life. If you ever thought it was possible to progress in life then what inspired it if not excellence. Perfection constrains. Excellence pushes you to conquer one after another, the bastions of supposed perfection.

Excellence helps deal with uncertainties in life. Perfection does not even recognize that there is any uncertainty in life. It merely urges you to suit everything to your present state. You might just crumble into oblivion and still be perfect. Excellence will raise a finger and point out the fact of crumbling down to you. You will shoot past poles and handle situations in the most creative way possible if you ever wanted to excel. You will slump into straitjackets of uniformity if you conform to perfection.

To pursue your destiny function in the excellence mode. Life is a chain of arbitrary happenings, causes, and causalities. To face the brunt of the bad and rejoice yet improve on the good is a part of life. What this entails is that a possible good has to be in the foreground all the time. A good that can be touched, a good that is necessary, and a good that is wanted. A sense of perfection hardly considers these questions and always leaves you satisfied or too tired to pursue anything good.

The desire to improve, to move ahead to conquer is what drives excellence. There is no epitome to harp on, sit on tightly, and ruminate. Life springs up the new every hour, every second and to respond to it and to grasp what is new about it is extremely necessary to confront our truths. Perfection is that falsity that hinders all other truths of life. Satisfaction is in trying not in giving up and resting on a single pinnacle thinking that every other entity seems way below while the skyscrapers of success tower over your false pinnacle.

Excellence gives you the vantage point to stand and look and finds out what is going on where as perfection hardly prepares you for anything in life.

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