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Smart Foods

With exams in full swing this week you can find out how to manage the stress with herbal tonics and boost your brain power with food. Centuries-old theories that herbs, in particular sage, can improve memory are being proven by modern research. Scientists at the Universities of Newcastle and Northumbria recently tested 44 people, who were either given the herb or a dummy placebo pill. They found that those given the sage oil tablets performed much better in a "word recall test".


There is a group of herbs, known as €œnervines, which are relaxants. If you are feeling panicked or thoughts are rushing around in your mind then valerian, lemon balm and chamomile may help. Drinking chamomile tea instead of coffee is better for you during exams. They do not prevent your mind from being sharp or recalling facts. A couple of drops of  valerian tincture can also help you get off to sleep without making you drowsy in the morning like sleeping tablets do. Oats are one of the best herbal remedies used to treat nerves by herbalists. So make sure you eat your porridge and with some honey. Honey contains over 75 different types of sugar that will fuel your brain to perform on the exam day. To keep alert it's important to feed the brain. After all, it uses 20 per cent of all the calories we consume. Eating regular meals will help to feed the brain with the amount of glucose it needs to function well. Poor concentration is a common symptom of low-blood sugar levels.


A group of herbs, known as adaptogens, help the body at times of stress, especially when the adrenal glands are working overtime. A good adaptogen for exams is Rhodiola Root. This has been shown to enhance the systems that regulate stress and help the body maintain fuel reserves to cope. It is an effective anti-depressant and has a reputation as an aphrodisiac, probably due to its ability to lift mood and improve stamina. Studies using proofreading tests have demonstrated that Rhodiola rosea enhances memorization and concentration ability over prolonged periods.

Omega 3's

The human brain is more than 60% fat! The majority of fat in the brain is the type that cannot be made by the body, but must be supplied by the diet. The fats essential for optimal brain activity are the omega-3 fatty acids: Omega-3 can be found in oil-bearing nuts and seeds, such as flaxseed and flax oil. The brain requires more omega-3 fatty acids than any other system in the body. With sufficient quantities of EPA and DHA in the diet, the membranes of the brain perform at their peak level, which is essential for concentration, regulating mood, emotions, and staving off depression. In the absence of EPA and DHA the brain will choose an alternate source of lipids such as an omega 6 or monounsaturated fat which has very different properties from omega-3s and could therefore negatively affect your mental health. www.udoerasmus.com

Bean Sprouts.

Sprouts are a powerhouse of nutrition and they have been grown by many civilizations over the past 5,000 years. The Chinese, in particular, have been using and benefiting from sprouted mung beans in their diet. They equal oranges and tomatoes in Vitamin C and a hamburger meat portion in protein. Sprouts are digested with little effort, they keep you regular.


This mineral commonly found in apricots is natures tranquiliser. Called the "anti-stress mineral," it aids in relaxing nerves, relieving tension, assisting digestion, activating enzymes important for protein and carbohydrate metabolism, and modulating the electrical potential across all cell membranes. Magnesium is important in the production and transfer of energy, muscle contraction and relaxation, and nerve conduction. A thinking person uses up to 50% more magnesium than a non-thinking person (couch potato) does.

Vitamin B

Karoshil is a vitamin B complex supplement. The product also provides natural phosphorylated glucose, the only sugar that your brain can directly assimilate. This phosphorylated glucose will then trigger different reactions, all aimed at enhancing the cycle of your "inner" energy production and releasing it throughout your body.

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