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Even Beautiful Websites Need Traffic

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 33   |   Comments: 0

It is not always easy to drive sufficient traffic to your website or web page which is promoting your affiliate products. Since your number of visitors will far outweigh the actual number who actually end up going to the merchant's site and eventually buying, you need to use several traffic generating methods to obtain a sufficient amount.

These 7 following methods will go a long way in making your affiliate marketing successful. Some will work mainly with a website or page while some can be used also with your advertising without having your own site.

1. Using search engines

A tried and true way to drive traffic to either your splash page or the one that the affiliate marketer has given you to use. Quite often this is considered a small website where you can direct traffic. Obviously you use appropriate keywords with the engines.

2. Using reciprocal links

Linking to other similar websites is a good tool when you have a website. Try to pick sites which are not exact duplicates of yours. Ex. If you are promoting excercise equipment link with one which promotes
nutritional products. Joint Venture marketing comes under this area but becomes more involved than just using a single link, even swapping ads etc.

3. Developing your list with offers

You need to grow your list so you can continue to keep marketing to them. They may not buy this time but there is the future. Offer a free ebook or have an optin form to your own newsletter or email course. By doing this you gain names and email addresses and it is not costing them a cent. They will still have the opportunity to buy the affiliate product you are promoting but hopefully will continue to have a long term relationship with you.

4. Using an autoresponder

When you use the offers mentioned you need to make use of your autoresponder, both to handle the the procedures, but also as to the storing of your names and addresses for future promotions. You can then use the names for more contact, whether for product offerings or just internet marketing training. Your aim is to gain their confidence in you.

5. Traffic exchange programs

Joining and building up credits will enable you to send out your ads. When someone responds to your ad, whether they buy or not, it is another opoportunity to build your list.

5. Creating your own affiliate program

You can not only promote other affiliate programs but also your own. This will drive more traffic to your main website and again build your list. Link some of the offers. Don't let a visitor just see one page on your site and one product. Give him the opportunity to see other pages on your site. You may earn income with an affiliate commission or you may sell your own product, either through your own efforts or that of your affiliates.

6. Writing articles

Write articles which are pertinent to your niche. They not only will lead visitors to your site by use of links in your author box, but you can gain publicity by demonstrating your knowledge of various areas of internet marketing. A reader is more apt to go to your site if he is impressed by your

7. Using forums

Top marketers go to forums not only to promote their products in the signature box but also to learn what others are doing. Often by offering their advice,they will gain suscribers just because the reader is impressed by his knowledge. You have to be careful here not to blatantly advertise.

To sum up it would be a shame to build a beautiful website but there was no one to see it. After you have followed some of the suggestions here, then you can be sure that your website will be seen and will do the job for which it was created. This is not the time to sit back and breath too big a sigh of relief. You need to be constantly evaluatin and reevaluating the whoe process. Traffic leads to success.

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