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Essential Tips to Choosing The Acceptable Sheet For Your Newborn and Infants

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 86   |   Comments: 0

Certainly, having a baby around the house is an exciting time for the whole family. There are so many things that are necessary to arrange before the big day - from baby mittens, pacifiers, baby clothes, bottles to the actual  nursery. Part of the nursery are the baby beddings. Incontestably, it is vital to choose the right bedding for your little one since your child is still adjusting to his or her environment. Given that information, it is crucial that parents understand the different factors to consider before buying any bedding for their baby.

Identify the Size Of The Crib - Crib size is an important thing to consider in choosing baby bedding. It should have enough space and should not be too small for the baby. Remember to look for non - toxic materials. There are manufactured cribs that are painted with dangerous paints, these may cause harm to the babies. So be watchful. Since babies are always asleep and most of the times they are on the cradle, there is a tendency that they would be able to inhale toxins.

Check The Firmness and Equipment Used For The Mattress - Just like adult beds and mattresses, babies should also have right firmness. Based on statistics, SIDs are common  to babies who are sleeping on soft mattresses and beddings. In order to prevent SIDs it is advised to use firm mattress with fitted sheets in newborns and young children

Polyurethane foam are mostly used in manufacturing mattresses. This type of material is treated with some chemicals that are flame retardant. Moreover, its coverings are treated with stain resistant formulation. For babies, it is also recommended to buy mattress that is made of organic material. Look for a mattress that is made out of wool because it resists fire and dust mites. Organic wool mattress pads are also advisable for they resist moisture thus eliminating microorganisms.

Organic Materials Are Always Better - When picking baby linens and beddings choose 100% chemical free material. It is very important that sheets, blankets, sleeping bags and pillows are made from organic because these beddings will naturally come in contact with the baby's delicate skin. This is an important factor to consider since the immune system of babies are still immature and vulnerable.

Aside from cotton materials, parents can also choose other resources just as long as it is organic. The rationale why parents have a preference for cotton is because this type of material is breathable and it can keep the baby comfortable and warm. They are also easy to layer. On the other hand, if the room temperature is too cold, acrylic cellular blankets are advisable to use rather than the cotton ones.

For new parents who do not have any parenting experience, here's the recommended amount of bedding to use:

Room Temperature: Amount of Bedding
24 Degrees C or more: Sheets only
21 Degrees C: Sheets plus one blanket
18 Degrees C: Sheets plus two layers of blanket
16 Degrees C: Sheets plus three layers of blanket

Consider The Thread Count - Quality of the materials should not be taken for granted. Pay close attention to the thread-count. It should be 180 to 330 thread count for an everyday use. The higher the tread count the more durable and softer the beddings would be.

Pick The Colors - Take into consideration the colors and designs of the bedding. The choice of colors are still dependent to the preference of parents. Also keep in mind that babies are easily attracted to colors.

Maintenance - Make sure that baby beddings are all washable and trouble-free to maintain.

Yes, newborn babies are very exquisite and they should be well taken care of. They will spend most of their time sleeping so parents must be careful in buying their beddings. Take into consideration the above factors  before buying baby beddings to make sure that your child is comfortable and safe while he or she sleeps.

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