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Essential Oils: Patching Health And Beauty

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 32   |   Comments: 0

Even the thought of anointing head with oil gives us sweet pleasure. Body message through oils is another very relaxing activity. The advantages of health can be obtained from number of oils, which stabilizes us. Essential oils hold the true essence of the source they was derived from. The source can be plants, herbs, roots or flowers. These oils are highly concentrated.

Current scenario have made us more health conscious and we look for the apt alternatives which cure us with no side effects. Aromatherapy have gained strong place, which is both art and science of using  the essential oils that are extracted out of aromatic plants. These oils are natural with true aromatic essence which fully dedicated with the beneficiary properties of the plant. The natural essential oils are termed as essential because they are squeezed out of the plants' cells which are building blocks of plant life. India is relishing the benefits of aromatherapy since ages, which have been the preference for taking care of health and beauty.

India is famous for availing the benefits of health and beauty through natural ways. This land have devoted special care to nurture the perfumery plants and encouragement of the same have led to nurturing more plant of such kinds. India is recognized as land of spices and herbs which are popular for their uniqueness. Worshiping of Gods and Goddesses are still incomplete with presence of aromatic herbs. These aromatic herbs are possessed with the sweet and healing smell which can influence mind.

Natural essential oils have antiseptic properties, cure headaches, relaxes mind & body, treat insomnia,  good for kidney and stomach. Ajwain seed oil, Geranium oil and Davana oils are essential oils  that have healing properties.

Since essential oils are considered extracted from plant and its parts and the usage of pesticide have also effected the nature of these oils. Organic essential oils are extracted from the plant which are grown without any pesticides. These plants are nurtured in the natural way. On the other hands non organic essential oils have traces of pesticides since they are squeezed out from the plants that are grown with the help of pesticides. Organic essential oils have higher therapeutic benefit. These oils are  superior and have great healing properties.

Essential oils are also used to add fragrances to various skin care and body products which are made up of natural ingredients. These oils have very distinctive odor which is coupled with the therapeutic benefits. The list benefits are unlimited and not only health but beauty can be enhanced using natural essential oils. Many also prefer natural essential oil for various skin related problems, they have capability to cure all related diseases.

Since they are highly concentrated, so it should be ensured that applying in neat form or in undiluted form can cause irritation and can also provoke allergic reactions. Before applying they should be blended with carrier oils like olive, grapeseed or almond, which can safeguard from the hazards of the essential oils.

Natural essentials are very versatile and have extensive usage. These oils are catalyst that give both pleasure and improves health. Its mild smell have true talismanic characteristics which are capable of influencing human.

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