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Essential oils for mind, body and skin - aromatherapy

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 10   |   Comments: 0

Aromatherapy has a long tradition and has been used in anchient Egypt already to influence body, mind and spirit in a positive way. Nowadys, essential oils are used in alternative therapies (e.g. for curation of diseases and mood disorders), for production of medicaments (e.g. salves) and for relaxation in modern spa facilities (e.g. essential oils in whirlpools and steam baths). Essential oils have some direct effects on organs and body functions.

Please find in the following text an overview with some commonly used essential oils and their effects on your body, mind and spirit. Some effects are scientifically prooven, some not prooven, but traditionally known to appear. Please keep in mind, for private use you should carefully consider the dosing of the oils. Also it is very crucial to be assure of your toleration of the related substances, especially regarding individual allergies.

Eucalyptus oil
Mind: activating, boosts concentration, brightens up the mood
Body: expectorant, anti-inflammatory, desinfectant, antibacterial, fever reducing, boosts oxygen transport to cells, antiviral, curation for cough and croakiness
skin: anti-inflammatory

Camomile oil
Mind: calming, relaxing
Body: anti-inflammatory
skin: calming, wound healing

Lavender oil
Mind: calming, sleep-inducing
Body: anti-inflammatory, regenerating, digestive, harntreibend, reduces abdominal pain, antispasmodic, stabilizes heart circulation, curation for cough and asthma
skin: anti-inflammatory, reduces fluid retention

Salvia oil
Mind: activating
Body: cleaning, detoxing, expectorant, increases resistance, digestive, leberstärkend, antispasmodic, regulates sweating
skin: anti-inflammatory

Thyme oil
Mind: activating
Body: antispasmodic, expectorant, antibacterial, digestive, anti-inflammatory, pain killing, boosts sweating
skin: anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, calming

Jasmine oil
Mind: brightens up the mood, vitalizing
Body: antispasmodic
skin: calming, healing

Orange oil
Mind: brightens up the mood, harmonizing, sensual, warming, boosts concentration
Body: activating, digestive, boosts fundtion of gall, kidney and bladder, digestive, fever reducing
skin: desinfectant, calming, tightening

Citron oil
Mind: brightens up the mood, increases attention
Body: antispasmodic, increases resistance, citron massage oil boosts lymph function and has regenerating effects (popular among athletes), a bath with citron has vitalizing and detoxing effects
skin: anti-inflammatory, desinfectant, hemostatic, tightening, cleaning

Please find here a practical tip how to use the effect of essential oils in your office

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