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Epilepsy - Holistic Treatments - Alternative Medicine

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 18   |   Comments: 0

Epilepsy is a disorder that is characterized by the tendency to have recurring seizures. Normally, brain cells communicate with each other via electrical impulses working together to control body movements and keep organs functioning properly. When someone has epilepsy, this normal pattern may be interrupted by thousands to millions of electrical impulses that occur at the same time and are more intense than usual, producing abnormal brain electrical activity and resulting in a seizure. These bursts of electrical impulses can affect body movements, sensations or consciousness. In about 50 to 70% of all cases of epilepsy, the cause of the abnormal electrical impulses is unknown.

A seizure is a sudden disruption of the brain's normal electrical activity, which can cause a loss of consciousness and make the body twitch and jerk, called convulsions. Many people with epilepsy find that they have more seizures during times of stress or anxiety. Nearly 40,000 Scots live with the condition.

Patients on anti-seizure medications must see their doctor regularly for blood tests to check the levels of the drugs in the bloodstream and to monitor any side effects. Epilepsy Foundation recommends a trip to the doctor at least once a year for a check up.

Epilepsy Holistic Treatments

If you have epilepsy immediately reduce your alcohol, coffee and artificial sweeteners from your diet. Attacks can be triggered by binging on alcohol as it depletes both B vitamins and attacks the structure of the brain.

Columbus Eggs - Omega 3 fatty acids

The brain is made up of two things water and fat. Due to the amount of omega 6 fatty acids we consume in our diets you have to balance them with omega 3's. You can also get omega 3's by taking a dessert spoonful of flax seed oil daily. Columbus eggs are available at most supermarkets and are high in omega 3 fatty acids. The chickens are fed flax seed as part of their diet. Try and have boiled eggs as frying affects the quality of the essential fatty acid.

Vitamin B - StarGate Nutrition Vitamins

Researchers have found that infants who have fits can be helped with vitamin B6. The enzyme that coverts glutamic acid to gamma-aminobutyuric acid (GABA) an important inhibitory brain calming neurotransmitter is activated when B6 binds itself to it. When GABA levels are reduced it makes it abnormally easy for seizures to occur. The vitamin has to be in a food state form and can be crushed into a powder to feed to a child.

Calcium Magnesium

Lots of epilepsy sufferers have biochemical disturbances, including hypocalcaemia, which can be the precipitant factor in the causation of epileptic seizures. Naturopaths find that most people with epilepsy have low calcium levels and when they are repaired seizures decrease. Kayath et al discuss how hypocalcaemia is an important factor in the alcoholic convulsive population since ethanol reduces calcium and magnesium levels. In nature cure texts they recommend that you ensure adequate calcium levels. Magnesium works with calcium therefore one has to be taken with the other to stop depletion of the minerals. Magnesium is nature's tranquiliser and is tremendously supportive to the nervous system. However you need to be taking these minerals in a food form found in StarGate Nutrition products.


Several research studies show that blood and hair manganese levels are low in epileptics, with the correlation that those typically having the highest seizure rates show the lowest levels of manganese. (L.S. Hurley et al). Manganese is a component of the antioxidant enzyme manganese superoxide dismutase (MnSOD) that will soak up free radicals that cause cellular damage. Rich dietary sources of manganese include nuts, seeds and wheat germ.

StarGate Nutrition nutrient material has been designed to be 16 times more effective, 5 times more utilised and 6 times more retained than the vast majority (99%) of nutrient material on the nutrition market. They have studied our material through independent laboratories using a number of biological studies to see its effectiveness over a number of development years. Their technology is based and confirmed by over 77 scientific papers and by a number of medical and nutrition Professors and prestigious institutions.They use 100% natural and totally allergen free.

Epilepsy sufferers have to avoid the herbs ephedra, ginseng and ginkgo.

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