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Eliminate The Risk Of Losing Money On An Affiliate Website

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0

The lure of having an income generating website has caused many people to spend a lot of money in either acquiring or developing a site, only to abandon it without making any profit.  The best way to reduce the risk of losing money is to keep your investment low.  In fact, it is possible to create an affiliate website and make it operational with little or no money, if you are welling to expend the necessary labor and follow a very conservative approach.  With the website tools and resources available on the internet, you can build your own website and publish it for free.  You just need to know what is available and how to go about it using a conservative approach as provided in this article.

First of all, you need to determine the type and topic of your website.  A website that provides meaningful information and deals with a topic that you have knowledge of and interest in is a good choice.  It is best to keep the topic somewhat specific since general topics have more competition which can limit visitors to your website.   Select the best free hosting service that you can find.  There are websites on the internet which compare hosting services that can be used to assist you in this effort.  Make sure the free hosting service provides free website building software and templates that allow you to create your website by modifying a template.  You will then be able to make most of the changes by cutting and pasting content.  Tutorial type websites are available to walk you through the steps of creating a website from a template.  Also, the hosting service should give you a free sub-domain name without you having to pay for registration.

Once you have your website up and running using the free hosting service, you will need to get your web pages indexed.  The fastest way to make that happen is to go to the free Google sitemap generating website and submit a sitemap to several search engines.

You should start getting a few visitors to your site.  Initially, the page rank and traffic to your website will be low and many of the affiliates programs will not be interested in approving your site for their affiliate ads.  You may want to start with Google AdSense and Amazon ads and gradually add others as your traffic increases.  This should get you a small income while you are improving the content on your website.  You should not use too many affiliate programs.  A few most appropriate for your website work best.

To increase income, you need to increase traffic to your website.  There are several free things that you can do to get an increase in traffic.  The most important is to improve the content.  Give the visitors to your website what they want so that they will be repeat visitors and may even put a link to your site on their websites.  One way links from other websites are important in getting increased page rank.  The second is obtaining back links from appropriate websites.  Publishing articles and participating in forums should generate some such links.  By all means, don't resort to exchanging links with link farms or buying links since those activities will only hurt your page rank.

Once your traffic increases and the quality of ads placed on your website improve, your income should go up.  Since you did most of the work yourself and kept cost to a minimum, you should show a profit.  With the experience you gained, you may want to expand by creating additional more sophisticated websites, possibly using increased capabilities provided by paid hosting services.

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