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Effectiveness Of Stretch Marks Creams

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 14   |   Comments: 0

Generally stretch marks creams are very effective on their action and give a fruitful response but some of the creams do not show proper results. Many people consider laser stretch removal surgeries to get rid from these ugly marks. Laser treatments are quite effective in removing these ugly spots but nobody can assure that this is the best treatment for stretch marks as this also involves risk of adverse side effects. Nobody knows that what ill effect this may can give to our body. Both the genders male and female can have these marks, males by gaining extra muscles or weight and same in women but women mostly develop them because of child birth which is also known as pregnancy mask.

Many people who are have been affected by these marks are afraid of them and try to hide their ugly looking marks by covering them. But with the latest advancement in this era, there are several new and alternative methods which can help us in removing these stretch marks. The laser therapy is a very good options to remove these marks but it cost too expensive for common people to afford it, so middle class gentry is quite happy using lotions and creams to avoid them. Laser treatments are used by affluent people like models, actors etc but creams are best for normal people. Glycolic acid based creams are very good for removing stretch spots.

Dermology, Trilastin SR and Revitol are among top spot removing creams. Dermology is among the most powerful cream for removing stretch marks. It helps in skin reconditioning and elatedness. Trilastin SR is another good cream for this purpose, it nurtures and brightens the skin, and its main function is to recondition the skin pigmentation on the stretch mark which balances the skin color. Creams and lotions are good on their action but take a bit of time for their optimum effect. Revitol has the new formula and it contains multiple vitamins which nourish the skin. The presence of Aloe Vera in this cream makes it unique in its segment which helps in cell generation and removes the scars.

There is wide range of creams available in this segment for all skin types, prior to select a cream for personal use, a person should check and consult a doctor or pharmacist for perfect advice. A wrong selection may not yield optimum result and can have side effects also. Study the ingredients of the cream and check whether it should not contain any harmful elements. Look out for the people who have already used these kinds of medications and ask about their experience. It feels very bad when someone comments on these marks which are indeed very embarrassing. Always select that cream which contains maximum amount of vitamin E as it helps to maintain the skin's appearance. A very bad feeling comes when a person wearing bathing suit have many stretch marks on his entire body which makes the whole body's appearance shameful and disgusting. It's good to take care of your body and maintain beautiful look.

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