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Effective Stretching Exercises to Increase Height

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 12   |   Comments: 0

Posture is one of the biggest influences on human height growth and back health. If you want to achieve your full height potential, it is important that you maintain good posture throughout all of your activity. Making a conscious effort to stand up straight is, of course a good way to have good posture. However, performing regular posture improvement and height growth exercises will help your body have better posture naturally.

To help you better understand why posture plays such an important role in your height, you need to know a little bit about the structure of your spine.

Spine - Height growth and posture

Your spine is naturally "S" shaped and when you are standing, a correctly aligned spine will appear as if a string is running straight through your body from the crown of your head, down the center of your torso, and into your heels. This makes your body stand as tall as possible. When you have poor posture, a portion of your back is curved too much in one direction.

For example, people who tilt their pelvis too forward can develop a "swayback" that slumps their body. When your body slumps in this manner it puts stress on your back and wears down the discs in your spine, decreasing your height.

In fact, many people with poor posture are one to two inches shorter than their real height. You should always try to maintain good posture in any position. If your back, neck, and other related muscles are not in shape then you will find that you have to make more of an effort to do so.

However, if you strengthen these relevant muscles you will have a natural ability to resist the tendency to slump and fight the pressure put on your spine that causes you to become shorter.

In the following paragraphs, you can learn about three height growth exercises designed to help you improve your posture.

The first exercise is called Bowing Down to Yourself. It is one of simplest height growth exercises and you can do it almost anywhere. This move improves your posture, and also stretches out the muscles in your upper back.

Sit down into a chair and keep your back straight and head facing forward. Keep your feet flat on the floor. Slowly lower your chin to your chest and take three long breaths before raising your head back to the starting position. Repeat this movement as necessary.

The Bowing Down to Yourself exercise should be followed by the Ear to Shoulder. Like the previous exercise, this will help improve your posture and stretch your upper back muscles.

This movement especially stretches the muscles that run along the sides of your upper spine and neck which helps hold your neck and head in a position of good posture and increase height growth .

Sit in the same position as before, with your spine straight and feet flat on the ground. Take a deep breath and when you exhale roll your right ear towards your right shoulder.

Take another deep breath and as you exhale roll your chin to your chest. On the next deep breath, exhale and roll your left ear to your left shoulder. Finally, take another deep breath and exhale as you roll your chin back to your chest.

All of your movements should be steady and slow and you should inhale deeply. Repeat this set at least 3 more times.

As you perform the next exercise, called the Turkey Stretch, you will be able to feel the stretching and lengthening along the back of your neck. Because your neck is such an important factor in good posture, this exercise is great to increase height growth, and general fitness.

Once again, you should keep your spine straight and feet flat while you sit in a chair. Act as if there were a string pulling up the crown of your head to make you as tall as possible.

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Focus your eyes on the area in front of your nose and raise your hand to your chin. Take a deep breath in, rest your hand on your chin and then begin to breathe out slowly.

As you exhale, lightly push your chin into your neck until you feel the stretching on the back of your neck. When you finish exhaling stop and then repeat the set, you should do this at least 3 more times.

These three posture exercises are a great start to improving your posture and your back's overall fitness. These grow taller exercises should be done in conjunction with other posture exercises that work out the other parts of your back as well. Additionally, you should develop a well-rounded program that includes many different types of human height growth exercises to make sure you give your body the stretching and flexibility it needs to lengthen.

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