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EASY Life Style Solutions That Get Rid of Acne

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 13   |   Comments: 0

Got acne?  Here is a lifestyle suggestion. That means you get the best results if you do all of these things together!  


1) Start from the inside.  Get on a strict juicing diet.  We have a plan you can follow online HERE. Try it include fresh juices in your diet weekly, if not daily.  If you have very bad acne juice every day for at least a  month to remove the toxins from your system.  It is not so much what you are eating as what you are NOT eating.  You can continue to eat normally although we PREFER going vegan for the first month of your routine to completely detox your system.

2) We advise a herbal tea (of course).  For acne we like to detox, balance and replenish. Try our acne scar reduction and/or our detox and soften teas and herbs. We offer at least 3 different acne herbal blends that you can drink daily to get rid of and maintain breakouts.  The herbs help 1) clean and balance your system while replenishing much needed nutrients.

3) Increase circulation-- Exercise and/or massage (deep tissue)! Either or is fine.  None is not soo good.  If you do start an exercise regime you should make sure to GENTLY clean your face after working out. If you prefer getting massages you will need to get them at least 1 x a week by a professional for 2-3 months.  After this time you can reduce to 1-2 times a month for maintenance.

4) Facials--> Get a good dermatologist to help you put together a topical regime for your acne. After about 2 months your systems should be back in balance.  This is when you can start considering exfoliation.  In the meanwhile get non-reactive (preferably organic) deep cleaning facials 1-2 x a month.

5) Keep it up! After you have cleared up keep it up with regular facials and continuous internal health maintenance. Keep drinking the teas. Try this site: www.tea4skin.com They help maintain overall balance and health that you will need to avoid future breakouts.


Summary, for acne we don't believe in just one easy solution you put on or eat and POOF. Sorry :(   You most likely need to do both internal and external health solutions.

WHY? It is not enough to just do the topical regime because you haven't cleared up the systemic problem that is causing the acne in the 1st place.  This is why we focus on the inside.  You also need to take care of the outside because you have an environment that has cultivated bacterial growth. So you need to clean away the existing external bacteria.

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