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Easiest Ways to Get Rid of Hiccups

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 44   |   Comments: 0
Hiccups is a reflex action of the body by which the body protects itself. Hiccups are short, sharp and very sudden breaths of air which happen when our breathing muscles jerks, making us gasp. While inhaling air, the diaphragm, located between the chest and the stomach, goes down and presses the stomach due to which the lungs are filled with air. While exhaling air, the diaphragm goes up and the air comes out from the lungs.

Hiccups are the result of repeated, involuntary spasmodic contractions of the diaphragm. There is hardly any individual in this world, who has never fallen prey to the problem. The worst part of the hiccups is that they are a major source of embarrassment. While you go have to through the inconvenience, other can easily amuse themselves at your expense. The usual symptoms of hiccups are - quick sounds, sharp intakes of breaths and involuntary closing of the muscles in the back of the throat. Getting rid of hiccups is not difficult, if you know the right techniques.

Breathing is one of the things that your body does without you having to think about it. The brain sends messages along the phrenic nerve to the diaphragm. The muscle contracts, which makes your lungs fill with the air that comes into your body through your mouth or nose.

How to get rid of hiccups? Well let's first take a closer look at what and why do we hiccup. Hiccups could be summed up as repeated intake of air with a bit of noise. It is generally caused due to involuntary contraction of diaphragm. Hiccups last only for few minutes and give a minor discomfort.

The only thing that can get rid of my mammoth hiccups is to hold my breath. Inhale (or exhale) deeply and hold the air in (or out of) your lungs for as long as you can (but not so long you pass out). If you can, concentrate on quelling the hiccups as you feel them coming. Willpower is everything.

Hiccups are in your head, but because you may be slightly inebriated, your concentration may be a little dulled. That's why the breathing needs to be incorporated. Plus, you're already drunk, so you probably won't look all that silly by doing this anyway.

Give a mild temporary shock to the patient by a bluff of imaginary accident somewhere or a concocted accusation against him or the like. The patient will temporarily hold his breath suddenly and the hiccups will vanish for good.

Drinking water. We all know people who swear by bending at the waist and drinking a glass of water while upside down. It can work, but I find simply drinking water from a water fountain for 10 seconds nonstop works just as well.

Swallow a teaspoonful of dry sugar to get rid of hiccups. Remember the Mary Poppins song (sing with me now) "a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, the medicine go do-own"? Well apparently she was right. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that swallowing a teaspoonful of dry sugar immediately stopped the hiccups in 19 out of 20 cases.

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