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Dyson DC25 Ball Vacuum Cleaner Review

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 67   |   Comments: 0

For those of you that can't adjudge between the DC07 Dyson vacuum cleaner and the Dyson DC25 Ball, I say that the Dyson DC25 vacuum cleaner would be an advantage choice.
The main culmination is the efficiency of using the attachment tools, with the DC25, you just elongate the telescoping pole, and, voila! You're ready to go! The DC07 requires plugging/unplugging to use the attachment tools. We found ourselves attacking every corner and groove with specks of dirt/cobwebs in it, most of them without ever having to bend over.
Assembly is easy - just 3 snap in place steps and no tools. If you get caught on attaching the wand (which didn't seem to fit when you put it in according to the picture), turn it around to the other side and it snaps right in.

Nearly all vacuums have hand tools that are amateurish or just don't work. This is so easy to pull out (with a long handle to reach ceiling cobwebs) that I don't debate to use it many times in the midst of vacuuming a room. The attachments have very good suction power. The long handle makes many things, floor to ceiling to window sills, easy to reach without effort.
The Dyson DC25 is less than 12 pounds, fits easily in a closet, and is so light it's very easy to carry up stairs. I'll admit I'm not a fan of cleaning but being a female engineer I certainly appreciate well-designed products. This one has an abundance of clever features. The cleaning head is low-profile, so it easily hugs floor boards under kitchen cabinets (huge plus!)

Of course there is the fantastic suction, but then, you assume that from Dyson's authority...
Cleaning power is great! It isn't especially labeled for pet hair cleanup, but does a great action. I cleaned once with my old vacuum, and then filled this Dyson up with a 2nd run through. I was amazed at how much my old one didn't pick up!
If you don't think you'll use the attachment/tools much, the cheaper models might work for you, but if you appreciate being able to easily attack the tiny corners and grooves no upright can fit into, you're probably dreaming of this model.

The ball organization is incredibly inventive and so easy to use, it makes turning and getting into weird corners a breeze, although it may take some people a while to get used to; I've been using a swivel-head mop for years, so I'm used to the motion. It's like the difference hauling a suitcase around that has wheels that go in only one direction vs. the new ones with pivot wheels - makes SO much sense and doesn't hurt my back to use it.

The only thing I'd improve upon is a better attachment for stair cleaning. The attachment isn't quite wide enough to make stair cleaning as fast as I'd like. I think there is an attachment sold separately that looks wider that might be better. And if you try to do stairs without the attachment (and carry the whole vacuum up each stair), it is difficult because the back set of balls move and disable the rotating brush and you can't negotiate the whole thing across a stair. But no vacuum can do that accurately, right?

All in all, I think it is a tad bit costly, but I think I'll never buy another vacuum in my life. And how good for the ecosphere, not needing to buy and throw away vacuum bags! If I divide the cost by the number of years I'll use it and the reduced allergens in my house, the Dyson DC25 Vacuum Cleaner is worth every penny.

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