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Drug Rehab: the Intervention

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 29   |   Comments: 0

Is a member of your family or a friend of yours battling with drug addiction? One effective way you can assist them to address their addiction is by intervention. You can get all those who are affected by the addict to a neutral location. The addict is then to be told how his or her addiction has impacted others and their lives. Intervention is the first step to drug rehab and recovery from addiction.

It is not easy to intervene. It takes courage to intervene. There are a lot of issues to be considered before the intervention. Prior meetings and detailed planning are to be carried out before the designated date of intervention. You also need to decide what all you must be saying and how you will like to say them.

Assistance of a professional is essential if you plan an intervention. The professional should be someone who has had experience with persons and problems of abuse and addiction of drugs. The person should also be able to facilitate the intervention.  The facilitation should not only be to assist the drug addict but also to assist you to handle your thoughts around the issue.

It is conceivable that confusion and apprehension are the initial feelings that arise within you. There is also the feeling of pain and anger. You fear that the drug user will turn against you and hate you for meeting head-on the issue of drug use. Surely this will at least be the first reaction of the drug user. The purpose of the intervention is to make sure that the drug users know that the drug addiction has also affected others beside themselves. The exact nature of the impact of their drug use around them is to be laid bare.

Intervention in some one's life is considered to be a violation of the privacy of the person by one school of thinking. It is considered to be a human right violation and an imposition of sorts. Moreover, there is also no correct way of intervention. However, it must be noted that the reality is that as persons and as society there is always a mutual influence that is exerted. This is inevitable. Often intervention with a purpose is resorted.

When we need to assist drug users to go for assistance to deal with their problems, then intervention is made. But when there is imminent danger to them such as inflicting injuries on themselves or others, or of death or possibility of being arrested, then there is a need for crisis intervention. The objective of crisis intervention is to diffuse the crisis and steer it to safety for all those involved.

The drug users are the primary focus of attention in any intervention. All are encouraged to be utterly honest to share their feelings and detail out the problems that have risen on account of the drug addiction. This might have to be carried out in an atmosphere filled with anger and discomfort. However, with increasing realization of the situation, the atmosphere is likely to become conducive when the drug users realize that the problem has not only gone out of hand but has expanded around them.

Intervention in drug addiction is a method to ensure that the addict is enabled to accept assistance. This is best achieved in an atmosphere of respect and love. Moreover, it should be non-confrontationist in approach and non-judgmental in essence. In such an atmosphere, intervention can be quite a powerful tool to success in dealing with the problem. Often family intervention is the best way and probably in many instances the only way out. It must be recognized that this can be successful and therefore needs to be done now.

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