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DRTV Advertising Tips

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 16   |   Comments: 0

Direct response marketing through infomercials started out in the 1980s however they really gained significant popularity during the 1990s. The original days of infomercials and DRTV were not the same as today. In fact, many of the products that were advertised through DRTV infomercials were also available for purchase in retail stores. The biggest difference between direct response television and traditional advertising spots is that there must be a method for the customers to contact the seller through DRTV. In most cases this is through an 800 number, but more frequently URLs are being used for customers to make their purchases. Most people have seen at least one infomercial and many individuals can easily recall popular products sold via DRTV. One of the most popular infomercials from the past was Ginsu knives. Viewers sat in awe watching these every day knives cut through steel and then easily through a tomato! Many companies have used DRTV to advertise their products including Fortune 500 companies. Some that have found DRTV to be a beneficial medium for advertising their products include DuPont, Bissell, Sears, Rubbermaid, Toyota, and others. It is likely more big companies will begin taking advantage of DRTV in the future to market their products to the masses. Popular Industries that Advertise through DRTV There are many industries that find DRTV to be a cost effective way to advertise. Some of these industries include cell phones, insurance companies, mortgage companies, credit card companies, satellite TV, among others. In many cases the goal of DRTV for these types of companies is not to sell their products and services. Their goal, however, is to generate leads. Since DRTV requires a phone number, URL, or some other contact method to be included in the advertisement interested viewers can make contact to learn more about the product/service or even to make a purchase. In some cases, the leads that are generated will be closed via phone operators, websites, or even through a retail store. Two of the most well known companies that have taken advantage of DRTV and its ability to generate leads include Dish Network and DirecTV. Both of these satellite companies rely heavily on infomercials to gain more customers and leads. DRTV is not the same as it was 20+ years ago when it first started. However, it is changing for the better and more companies as well as customers are taking advantage of the benefits provided through DRTV.

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