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Drink cranberry Juice to stay away from disease

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 7   |   Comments: 0

Cranberry juice has numerous health benefits. There are a huge number of people who use it as a medication that cures various bacteria related ailments. It has a bitter taste so people take it by adding to it some sweeteners. This juice is commonly used for urinary tract infections. In this process, it directly attacks on the E-coli bacterium and flushes it out from the body.

It also works for getting relief from various bacteria relates issues, such as respiratory problems and ear infections. It proves as a boon to the sufferer of nose and throat infections. It gets them relief by killing Haemophilus influenza, a bacterium that is responsible for such type of infections. The cranberry juice is also useful for our hair. It prohibits the bacterium's pilli that is also known as a hair like structure. Therefore, it works to prevent ourselves against inflammation of various body parts.

Excess of everything is bad. We mean to say that the excess consumption of cranberries is not good for health. If we are taking it in the excess amount, we are giving invitation to many uninvited diseases like gastrointestinal problems, tooth cavities, abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea and obesity. The required amount of the natural remedy is always good for health and to avoid any severe issues. To know that how much quantity of cranberry juice will be perfect for curing the concerned disease, we can consult to our doctor.

Now we learn that how we can intake cranberries in other manners. For this purpose we require two cups of pure cranberry juice and a tea bag of green tea. Take a container and boil one pint of water in it. Now, dip the tea bag into it and allow it to step in. Later, the entire solution will be poured in a quarter containers and we add the juice of cranberry to it. Now, keep the solution in the refrigerator until it has become cool. After sometime, you can consume it.

It's totally up to us that how we drink the solution. We can drink it as a cold drink or can also intake it by heating it on the stove. One glass of this solution two times a day will be right dosage for an adult, while a child should drink half glass of cranberry twice in a day. In case, if we are unable to find out the cranberry juice, we can intake cranberry capsules that can be easily available at our nearest health stores. We have to consume the cranberry juice until the infection is completely resolved.

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