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Draw the Light Makeup

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 37   |   Comments: 0

The Most Beautiful Gift of sexy swinmwear Show up, Get one Piece!

We often say to people close to a smile. Come to Buy Impeccable sexy dresses ! They Are Now at the Most Competitive Price! In fact, makeup is too! Some girls will crush looks too serious, even if not unhappy, but there will always be asked whether you were angry ah. 7 Messages That Will Affect the Picture of Your sexy swinmwear Perhaps you or your friends have tried around the situation. If this is so, let us draw a school will smile makeup and let your aura merry.
1: Blush
Play blush color can make themselves look good, you can use the pink color or orange color of the Department. One is a red blush, there are two lines one is the shadow of pink, red line can make my face drained of color, shadow powder can imaging, it can be done on the effect of the face.
A brush covered with blush pink, the first painting in the back of the hand to obliterate the extra powder to avoid the blush of heavy fighting.
2 started from the outside face, shake blusher brush painted. In order for the fight they can even blush, smile at the mirror first. Part of the bulging cheek list of sites that we must fight blush.
3 more if painted blush, do not worry, you can use puff gently Paidiao, adjust the color of blush.
2: Mascara
An eyelash curler Department of the upper eyelids aligned lift up the whole of lashes as possible from the roots of the dish.
2 again slightly from the middle of the lashes with the inside out, according to eyelash curler, clamp the part, you can also change the size and shape of the eye.
3, along with black mascara to the roots of lashes z shape up brush, eyelash brush repeatedly smear even as far as possible.
III: Eye Liner
1 As the liner have more oil, single fold and double fold to use them within a special care not to describe a very dark heavy once proposed to use liner along the lashes from the root of gently.
2 with a liner along the lash line just of good, to extend slightly upward in the eye tail Department outlined.
4: Lipstick
A more uniform color to maintain a more sustainable, will be powder puff smeared lips.
2 lipstick smeared lips, mouth part is easy because of James out of the mouth slightly open, and spread.
3 with a cotton swab correction profile, the excess with a cotton swab to wipe. Using this shape looks thick lips, more sexy.

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