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Do's and Don'ts When Hiring Voice Over Talent

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 6   |   Comments: 0

From radio-commercials to podcasts, finding the right voice over talent for your marketing and image is an essential part of your marketing efforts. Voice overs play a part in educating, persuading, entertaining, and creating interest from your market. No matter what type of advertisement or message you are looking to promote, voice talent can help you to create the high-impact kind of ad you want.

Finding the right fit for your voice over artist is crucial in modern societies competitive market; you need to create and advertising message that resonates with your customers and ensures that your company stands apart from your competition. The hiring process might be slow, but finding a voice talent agent can help make it easier to find the right fit. Still, there are many ways to find someone who can assist you in developing the right marketing message needed. These are some simple do's and don's when hiring voice over talent for your marketing campaign.

Do request references. Learning how the voice artist has worked with other companies and clients can provide some insights on how well they may jive with your company's goals.

Don't listen to only one sample. Ask for at least three to five different examples that show how flexible and adaptable the voice over artist may be. Professional voice artists should be able to create a bunch of voice talents and customize their intonations to meet the demands of your message.

Do request more than the initial interview. The 1st interview may just be to review the person's qualifications and learn about their background. The second and third interview may include tests or evaluations, so plan accordingly and devise a series of meetings to narrow down your choice.

Don't forget about online talent. Many talented voice over actors can now be found on the web, and have their own homepage and portfolio for you to. This can make hiring much easier, and you will have a far greater understanding of their history with the audio files and related-links that are available online.

Do select a voice that fits in with your target audience. Customers in your demographic are much more likely to resonate with someone who sounds like their own friends, neighbors and coworkers. Don't be afraid to invest the time to find at least 3 unique qualities or characteristics of your demographic, and look for voice over artists with the same qualities.

Remember to request ask for demo Mp3s. You can review these after the interview, and keeping them around can make it easier for you compare them to all the other voice actors with ease. Keep track of those Mp3 or demo-tapes so you can effectively compare them when it comes time to choose your finalist.

Hiring the right voice artist is an important part of creating your marketing messages, and you will want to do some research in your market to determine what your customers will resonate the most with. Finding voice talent with experience can make the process of developing your project much easier; take the time to interview and review each candidate to determine just the right voice for your business.

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