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Dogging Basics

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 9   |   Comments: 0

If you still think dogging refers to some kind of animal then you are either a 40 year old virgin or you've been living on another planet for the past couple of years. Outdoor sex happens when couples have intercourse at a semi-public outdoor place like a forest area, picnic spot, beach, car-park, lay-by or park.

This activity is called dogging because single guys spied on couples having sex in the above mentioned places. When police offers asked them what they were doing walking around at night, they said they were walking the dog. Some of them even went as far as to take a dog collar with them. Certain doggers now even use a dog collar as a sign to other adults that they are looking for public sex.

Swingers who take part in dogging like the fact that there could be someone watching them having sex. This adds a whole new dimension to their sex lives and some couples even calls themselves exhibitionists because they love putting on an outdoor sex show for a dogging audience. The people that get off from watching the public sex action are called voyagers and they are mostly single men who can't find someone to swing with them. If these guys get lucky couple will ask them to join in on the action, but it is mostly women who get invited to have some adult fun!

A good dogging spot is usually a secluded but safe spot where you won't bother the public and especially families. Places like the beach are popular among families but doggers will go to the secluded sand dunes at night where there won't be any families hanging around. Dogging is mostly a night activity for this very reason but there are adults who prefer to do it during the day. The most popular spots are all listed on our site and there are usually directions to get there and the best time to visit this spot.

If you are completely new to outdoor sex then you need to know about dogging signs. These signs are used by doggers to communicate with each other in a non-verbal way. If you want other people to approach you in your car then the sign is to roll down your window, open your car door or flash your headlights twice. By flashing your headlight and then driving to a secluded spot you are also indicating to other couples that they must follow you. Once you get started with this activity you can't stop and you will soon be having exciting free sex with the trill that someone is watching. To meet other doggers go to our dogging forums or sub site to make new contacts.

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