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Do You Make These Mistakes When Treating Acne?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 10   |   Comments: 0

Acne is the most distressing skin problem one can go through .  Almost  90% of men and women have dealt with acne at some time  or the other. Acne, unlike other skin problems affect people much more deeply. Part of the problems lies in   wrong beliefs  on what causes  zits and how to treat it. This article will highlight some of these mistakes made in dealing with acne.

Mistake #1: Thinking it's just a phase.
Most People live through waves of acne  with the mistaken belief that  acne is just a phase they are going through . If left untreated, acne can stay till your late 20s and early 30s. That is not as bad as the risk of having those acne become acne scars - permanent acne that could take a decade to go away.

Mistake #2: Following Popular Folklore Advice
In our society, there is no shortage of advice. Acne is no different. Following advice such as €œdon't eat pizza, €œWash your face many times, €œavoid oily food are just plain useless and have no truth in them having helped clear acne.

Mistake #3: Expecting acne to disappear overnight
Recovery from acne breakouts take time. Dermatologists themselves cannot tell how long it will take to  treat acne in anyone. It doesn't matter what the proactiv advertisement said, acne treatments take time. You must be patient and follow a treatment plan religiously for a couple of weeks.

Mistake #4: Not Addressing The Emotional Effects Of Acne
Face it . acne makes you feel  distressed and helpless . It completely changes your  character.  Many people  live with a lowered self esteem and because of that deny themselves relationships and career opportunities. The  most worrying aspect of acne  is the emotional damage  remains long after acne has stopped appearing .

Mistake #5: Eating Acne  Causing  Food
Another common misconception  is that acne has nothing to do with food .  On the contrary, recent scientific  studies have revealed a  relationship between acne breakouts and diet. No it is not junk food or oily food.  Actually , most junk food items or oily food DON'T fall under the category of food items that cause  acne!

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