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Do You Know The Benefits Of Giving Advice To Others

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 32   |   Comments: 0

Professionals are paid very well for their expert advice. There is an art to giving advice. When you have mastered the art, people will listen to what you say and come back for more.

To be a good adviser it is not enough to provide information, no matter how accurate. You must be able to form relationships with others that can help them find the best solutions to their specific problems. For example, a good parent knows what his/her children should do and must be able to talk to them in a way that shows you understands their concerns.

There is certain ways how to give good advice. You have to understand the other person's particular problem. Your goal is not to demonstrate your own superior wisdom, but to help someone else solve the problem. To do that, always listen closely to what the other person says. Try to discover how he got into the current situation. Find out what problem he wants you to help solve.

If you want to help another person open up to you, try to break the ice by starting off with something relevant about yourself. Encourage that person to discuss the problem in their own way but don't interrupt, don't anticipate and never suggest a solution before you understand the problem.

You must keep in mind that you have to understand your precise role. Before you start giving advice, make sure the other person really wants it. They may just be looking for a sympathetic listener. If the other person wants your advice, determine whether you are qualified to give it.

Try to idenfify and evaluate the options and explain to them as clearly as possible. Dont try to be a solo performer and dont always apply your favorite solution to a particular problem. You may know more about the technical details of the problems other people face but they know better than you how well any proposed solution will fit them.

When you come to a solution, let the other person make the decision. After you give your best advice to the person who consulted you, remember that them, not you will have to live with the consequences. That does mean you wash your hands of any responsiblity. In most cases, you should leave the decision entirely up to the person who asked your advice. But it is appropriate for you to intervene in the decision if he asks what you would do. When you have given the advice the other person needs to solve the problem, step aside. What you should always remember is when people ask for your advice, you are somewhat special to them and they are paying you a compliment for a good answer.

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