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Do Not Get Caught In Internet Marketing Scams

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 26   |   Comments: 0

On your quest toward financial, economic freedom, be on the lookout for internet marketing scams.  They are everywhere - it seems like promoting affiliate marketing is as big as the actual affiliate marketing itself; you know, the actual promotion of product that are not yours!  There are a few things to know in order how to avoid internet marketing scams.  Do not trust sites or people who propel themselves as authority figures who promise insanely successful promises.  You can create an online empire from using affiliate marketing, but do not trust people who promise you the world in such a short amount of time.  Affiliate marketing takes effort, and often a little time, so let us look at what to avoid and for what we should look while searching for affiliate marketing products.

First, try to find one really good affiliate marketing product and stay with it.  I want to get out of the way the point that you should not be continuously buying affiliate marketing products.  There are a few really good sources online, so find one (preferably one which is all-encompassing) and stick with it.  You do not need to be subscribing to services which cost $67 per month every day.  More times than not, they do not work as advertised.

Be very wary when people, who sell their own product, use screenshots of the money they make from affiliate marketing to describe how much they make from affiliate marketing.  Unfortunately for us, often they show how much the product itself has made them.  In other words, they are not showing us how much they have made from internet marketing per se, but rather what their product teaching us how to become affiliate marketers has yielded them!  Do you not think that is a little bit shady?  Great for them for making money, but bad for us because too often new affiliate marketers get shammed into thinking they will get rich quick.

The second red flag includes people who make claims of getting rich quick.  The claims range from intellectual dishonesty to outright lies.  We want to be very honest with people when marketing what we sell.  I do not want to use tactics to make it sound too good to be true.  Yes, you can make $10,000 per week and I have seen a few people do it, but do not think that you will learn what affiliate marketing is one next and the next week you will start banking five figures weekly.  As my grandfather said, "If it were easy to be rich, everyone would be rich."

Generally, in life, if it is too easy to be true, it probably is.  I know of people whose business is to promote other people's affiliate products.  I am sure some of them work as advertised, but do not let your hope and money ride on the possibility that they will work.  Instead find a good source, or two, about affiliate marketing and use it.  When you start making money from affiliate marketing, then you should try to experiment with paying for products.  But until then, it may seen like a never ending vicious cycle of paying for product that get other people rich, while you are still dreaming.  Don't give up!  But don't give in, either!

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