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Do it yourself HGH

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 49   |   Comments: 0

There are people who would love to get Human Growth Hormone injections, but do not largely because of the cost. They are expensive, starting out seventy-five dollars a day. Of course, they are not covered by insurance.

But that is not the only reason that people do not get them. People do get face lifts and liposuction. These are costly cosmetic procedures as well. Its just that Growth Hormone carries with it the fear of long range side effects.

Actually liposuction and face lifts may have long range negative effects. Any procedure which is invasive tends to be this way, even though physicians and most of us do not think so. Any operation which has to go through flesh and muscle can leave more than a scar. There generally does follow a reshaping of the muscle as the body heals.

But, hormone therapy seems to feel more dangerous for some reason. Possibly this is due to the lack of data which extends over decade, for example. Liposuction and face lift patients on the other hand are more readily accessible and tend to fare acceptably over the long haul.

What we need is long term data, but we may be at a point where no one is willing to be the guinea pig, when it comes to HGH. Or perhaps there are a few cases where HGH therapy been related to cancer. Yet no real evidence seems available. Why? Perhaps it is because de-aging from the inside out is just plain not acceptable.

That is the writer's belief at least. If one alters body chemistry, making it possible to turn back the clock, one has entered into the realm of the demonic. Somehow liposuction and face lifts do not enter into this realm. One simply stays his or her real age, but just sort of upgrades his appearance. That is entirley different with respect to altering a whole genetic composition.

Therefore, do we rebel,recommending HGH therapy, if you can afford it? No. The writer does not think that prolonged use of synthetic drugs is ever safe, even if a decade of data might say  that it is. Rather, we think that stepping up your intake of L-Arginine and possibly L_Ortnithine is something that everyone who wants to turn back the clock should consider instead. Other amino acids seem to also work in concert with these as they are included in Fountain of Youth formulas such as GenF20. These can be Googled if you are interested and are much less costly than the GH therapies of the movie stars

At very least, L-Arginine along with Creatine should at least be considered to maximize workout potential. Those in themselves will make you  will speed up your physical processes, making you look and feel at least ten years younger. The same goes for heavy doses of B-vitamins to facilitate digestion and post-workout muscular recovery. All of these  work together and do not carry with them the uncertainty over potential long term negative effects.

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