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Discover the Cause of Back Pain and It's Not Your Weight

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 32   |   Comments: 0

Being overweight does not cause your back pain. I've read many explanations/excuses for the cause of back pain over the years, but being told that it's because you're overweight takes the cake (pardon the pun). While being overweight can negatively impact your overall health and possibly delay recovery from a back injury due to inactivity or weak muscles etc. it is not the cause of your back pain problem.

The cause of back pain is pressure, irritation or tension on sensory nerves whose job it is to alert us when something is amiss. That's where we get the idea of a €˜pinched nerve'. If you've ever pinched your finger, as most of us have, then you don't have to imagine very much to know what it feels like. OW! well, when it comes to a €˜pinched nerve' in the back it's just a bigger OW, partially because the nerves are larger and affect a wider area.

For example an irritated nerve from the neck could have an affect on your head, down the arm and hand or possibly any area of the body below the neck because the wires (nerves) leave the computer (brain) and travel throughout the entire body. That's why someone who €˜breaks their neck' is in danger of being a quadriplegic (quad means that four limbs are affected) while a €˜broken lower back' could make you a paraplegic affecting only two limbs (legs). Of course an injury that severe would also impair motor nerves that control movement and other body functions.

Although most will never have an injury that serious the affects from irritated nerves and injury to the surrounding tissues can be just as debilitating and painful. In fact you might have experienced decreased motor function like muscle weakness, loss of grip or hands and legs that hurt and just don't work the way they used to. Even internal organs such as the heart, stomach, bowels or bladder will malfunction if the nerves supplying them are damaged.

Just like a smoke detector going off is annoying it's purpose is to warn us that something is wrong. So it is with our €˜pain detector'. As long as we find the cause of our pain with expert advice and €˜put the fire out' we might even be able to say in the end that the pain was out friend, although an unwelcome one.

Proper response to the pain €˜alarm' following an injury would be temporary bed rest and the use of ice therapy followed by stretching. Spinal manipulation to address vertebral misalignment's are likely in order if it's anything more that a simple sprain/strain to the neck or back. Whatever you do, don't disregard those €˜alarms' or your back pain could get worse and your health and wellness will be impacted.

Reducing your weight to a specific level is always wise, makes you feel good and certainly will contribute to improved muscle tone which would assist your recovery from a back injury. Even though being overweight is not the cause of the back pain it should be part of an overall plan to regain your health. Proper lifting methods, practicing different stretches and consulting a health expert will help you correct the real cause of your back pain.

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