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Disadvantages of Medicine For Hyperactive Children - Looking at Safer More Effective Alternatives

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 12   |   Comments: 0

Guess why some popular medicines are causing some people at the FDA a few sleepless nights? The top fifteen medicines which are most commonly distributed as free samples, include FOUR most popular prescribed ones for ADHD, including such household names as Adderall, Ritalin and Strattera. This has put the spotlight once again on the disadvantages of medicine for hyperactive children.

More importantly it has shown that free samples only ever reach about 16% of the population who really are in need of these meds. Another worry is that free samples tend to be those drugs which are quite new and have not gone through the full safety trial period.

Safety concerns
There are other concerns. Nobody seems quite sure about whether these medicines which are basically amphetamines are addictive. But there are also other disadvantages of medicine for hyperactive children. There are worries about short term and long term effects. Then there has been the alarming discovery led by Dr. William Pelham which has found that after three years, the effects of these medicines seems to wear off and the child seems to reach a sort of plateau.

Are anti depressants the answer?
Now that hyperactive medications such as the psychostimulants are losing some of their popularity, a lot of children are put on anti depressants as depression can be a co-morbid disorder with ADHD. These anti depressants are also typical of the disadvantages of medicine for hyperactive children.

Let me give you an example. They act on the serotonin brain transmitter and can enhance mood. But this can also interfere with appetite and sleep. Dr. Ann Blake Tracy who has written the book Prozac: Panacea or Pandora is convinced that these types of hyperactive meds can cause all sorts of side effects such as psychosis, aggressive behavior and manic episodes. She is convinced that the disadvantages of medicine for hyperactive children far outweigh any advantages.

The fact that the manufacturers of Prozac have actually admitted that the risk of suicide is twelve times greater in patients who are taking Prozac should be enough to set alarm bells ringing. Add to that the whole problematic area of getting children to stop taking the drug which has to be done under medical supervision. Sometimes the effects of that withdrawal can be severe.

Looking at safer alternatives.
Parents are now looking elsewhere and are no longer prepared to take glib answers from the drug companies,many of whom are featured on Facebook and other social networking sites. They are looking now for safer alternatives such as ADHD homeopathic remedies which are completely without any side effects and are certainly not addictive. If you would like to consider alternatives to the disadvantages of medicines for hyperactive children, why not visit my website where I have set it all out for you.

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