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Digital Signage Solution: The most preferred medium of information transmission

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 17   |   Comments: 0

A digital signage solution consists of hardware and software which together creates this technology. One cannot operate without the other. The software is the application being used that allows the content to be regularly updated either manually as needed, through a scheduling system, or by linking in with an outside feed so that appropriate messages are displayed. Most of the software solutions are built on Microsoft Windows technology and are compatible with all industry standard file formats, such as Flash files, Video, HTML, QuickTime, Microsoft Office, and JPG. On the other hand, the hardware comprises of various types of display devices such as, plasma TVs, LCD panels, video cubes, projectors and full matrix LED boards.

Most of the digital signage solutions require a thorough understanding of the network and bandwidth availability is essential in order for successful deployment of this signage network. Dynamic in nature, this technology is gaining popularity as it overcomes the limitations imposed by the static means of advertising such as print media. Even though digital signage requires a high investment initially, the returns offered are much greater as there is no additional investment to update content. Using this solution, consumers can be targeted in real time and also information can be passed depending upon the location of the consumer, his preferences or the current trends.

All the digital signage hardware devices allow high resolution images to be displayed across multiple screens. Some solutions are stand alone and can be plugged into existing television sets and played, whereas others allow the users to create customized content. Content can be in the form of data, images, video, animation and even multimedia. Associated with numerous benefits, this out of home method of advertising has the ability to create brand awareness, influence customer behavior, increase sales and generate revenue and enhance the customer experience. Banks, airports, train stations, entertainment facilities, government and military organizations are all examples of places where these solutions are being implemented.

Since a perfect Digital Signage Solution has the capacity to accommodate growth irrespective of how diverse or complex the future requirement may be, it is one of the most sought after mediums of advertising.

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