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Different Types of Dog Clothing

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 137   |   Comments: 0
A dog is man's best friend, and you certainly want your pet to receive the best treatment possible. Besides proper shelter and food, you can also show your love by clothing your dog in proper dog clothing. There are many different types of dog in the market. Just like clothing for human beings, you are going to need some variety because there will be different clothing meant for different occasions.

Dog costumes.

Dog costumes are becoming more and more popular these days. A dog is part of the family. And if you are having a party, you want your dog to fit in as well. For example, you may be having a Halloween party during Halloween, and everyone is supposed to come in a costume. You can buy a Halloween costume for your dog as well so that she can join in the fun. Sizes range from XXS to XXXL, which means that for sure there will be a size that's suitable for your dog. Types of costumes include Bee costume, Barktoria secret (for female dogs), Poodle Skirt, Caterpillar, Devil Dog costume and more.

Dog sweaters and coats.

When the weather turns a bit cold, you wrap yourself up in warm clothing. You can do the same for your dog. Coats are usually made of thicker materials. If you want to dress your dog up for a casual outing, a sweater will do just fine. You can choose to buy turtle neck sweaters, denim sweaters, or knit sweaters.

Big Dog Clothing.

Most people tend to dress up their dogs because they look cute and cuddly. But dog clothing is not just for small and cute dogs. There is also clothing for big dogs. In general, big dog clothing looks more smart and mature. You can have your dog looking smart in a dog baseball jersey, or looking fierce and dominant in a gangster dog tank.

Sports clothing.

For sports enthusiasts, try putting on some sports clothing for your dog. That way, you can match the personality of your dog to yours. But be sure that the clothing matches the personality of the dog as well. Otherwise, your pet may just look comical instead of sporty. Different breeds certainly have different personality traits. More active dogs (like the forever active Jack Russell) are likely to look nice in a piece of sports clothing. They come in mostly black and white colors, with a number print on the back.

Pajamas for Dogs.

When it's time to go to bed, you put on your favorite pajamas. Your dog will welcome a comfortable piece of pajamas when bed time arrives. Each piece of pajama clothing costs less than $50. The clothing is usually loose fitting for comfort. For smaller puppies that have yet to be properly house trained, you can also buy a pair of dog panty.

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