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Diagnosis Of An Irritable Bowel Syndrome

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 10   |   Comments: 0

If you think you may suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, a visit to your doctor is the next step. In order to determine positively that you have IBS, your general practitioner will do a thorough medical work up on you which normally includes interviewing you, the patient, regarding your symptoms in addition to the normal step of giving you an exam.

In order to make his diagnosis, your physician will ask you about the pain, when it comes onand what factors make it better or worse. He or she may additionally ask you about your bowel movements, with questions about how frequently you open your bowels and exactly what your feces look like.

IBS does not have a diagnostic method, but a selection of lab tests might be done so as to eliminate other possible problems. These tests might include stool sample tests, blood testing, and x-rays. Your physician will usually perform a more invasive procedure, such as a colonoscopy, so they may get a picture of your colon.

Your doctor puts an endoscope into your colon via your behind. The camera then transfers the pictures of your colon onto a large screen for the physician to see it better.

During these tests, a biopsy can be taken. This involves removing a small piece of tissue from the bowel lining for examination in a laboratory. A biopsy will eliminate the presence of other conditions like colon cancer.

Your physician might determine that you have IBS having reviewed your stated issues, frequency of stomach discomfort over the last 12 months, the beginning and cessation of discomfort relative to bowel movements as well as how often your bowels move and whether your bowel has changed, if examining your colon comes back with no helpful information.

Many doctors refer to a list of specific symptoms that must be present to make a diagnosis of IBS.

Signs that you might be experiencing IBS include stomach pain for a minimum of one week per month over the last year. These 12 weeks do not have to be consecutive.

Stomach discomfort will have 2 of three of the proceeding indicators:

1.Pain disappears once you vacate your bowels.

2.Frequency of defecation is altered when pain begins.

3.Consistency or look of bowel movement is altered when pain begins.

Certain symptoms must also be present, such as

a change in frequency of bowel movements

Bowel movements look different

Urgent need to defecate that is not controllable

constipation or person is unable to have a bowel movement

mucus in bowel movementbloating

Bleeding, fever, weight loss, and persistent severe pain are not symptoms of IBS and may indicate other problems such as inflammation, or rarely, cancer.

If you are less than fifty and have common indicators of IBS, it's quite probably do not need further tests.

If you are exhibiting weight loss or blood in your stools, additional tests may be required.

If bowel problems are in your family history, if you're presenting symptoms of diarrhea-specific IBS or if you are more than 50 years old and this is the first time you are experiencing indications of IBS, you may be admitted to the hospital for additional testing. This is because all of these can be linked to more serious underlying bowel conditions..

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