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Detox Your Body: How Often Should I Detoxify My System?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 32   |   Comments: 0

Many would like to know how often they should detoxify. This can be a difficult question to answer and would vary by the individual. Are you satisfied with your current state of health? Do you live in a polluted environment? Are you chronically ill? Although this question would be impossible to answer for everyone with a blanket statement, looking at a few types of potential users may help you answer this question for yourself. After all, you are in charge of your own health. You bare the consequences of your actions and choices, good and bad. We will address three types of detoxifiers, which one are you?

Severe Illness

Let's list a few illnesses that might be considered severe. Alzheimer's, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, asthma, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, impotence, kidney disease, liver disease, prostate disease, and psychological disorders could all be considered server illness. This list is not exhaustive and could go on for pages. These diseases are a result of bad luck, bad choices, and bad habits. We were not intended to be plagued with these illnesses. They aren't given to you as a punishment. You don't deserve them. You don't have them because your mother had them. You don't have to accept them. It is your choice, either way.

How did you get into this predicament, and how are you going to get out? I can promise you that no pharmaceutical will cure a single one. I can also promise you that if you are going to fight back, you won't be able to continue doing what you have always done. You can't do what you have always done and expect different results. The poor choices and bad habits that led you to illness will only lead you to more of the same. You are going to have to change the choices and habits that have brought you to this place.

It's time to get radical. Be assured that any method of "treatment" is going to be radical. Heart surgery is radical. Long-term pharmaceutical use is radical. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are radical. Kidney transplants and dialysis are radical. Don't think that you can continue the bad choices and habits, take a few herbal pills and powders, and get well.

If you are severely ill, have made a choice to go natural, and are ready to be radical, detoxification should be continued until you are no longer sick (under the supervision of your health care provider, of course). When you are no longer sick, you should never go back to the things that brought you to a state of illness. A short answer to the "how often" question for the severely ill is always and forever. Get on the right road, and never look back.

Mild Illness

Is there such a thing as a mild illness? That is a question only the suffering can answer. Mild illnesses might be any health issue that wouldn't be considered a severe illness. Let your imagination run and I'm sure most of us over 30 have some issue that could fall into this category.

The "how often" answer isn't as cut-and-dry for this category of illness sufferers. The world is a busy place, and a detox lifestyle can be inconvenient at times. Those with mild illness would benefit greatly by living a detox lifestyle, but are often not as convinced that such a radical change in their behavior is warranted or worth the effort. At very least, those with mild illness should detoxify until the issue is resolved. This should be followed by single system detoxifications (liver, kidneys, intestinal) throughout the year, regular parasite detoxification and maintenance, total body detoxification once a year, and change the most detrimental habits.

No Illness

Those without illness and seeking prevention are the smart of the bunch. They recognize the dangerous world we live in and the dangerous lifestyles we lead. Single system detoxifications (liver, kidneys, intestinal) throughout the year, regular parasite detoxification and maintenance, and a change in detrimental habits would be the prudent thing to do for those in this category.

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