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Depression Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 16   |   Comments: 0

Depression is a complex of psychological and physical symptoms. Low mood level or sadness is often the most prominent symptom.Depression is a state of mind which is characterized by a negative sense of inadequacy and a visual lack of activity. It is a listed mental disorder which includes altered mood. It may occur daily associated with diminished interest or pleasure in most or all of the activities. Depression is a major cause of morbidity worldwide. It is often associated with unemployment and poverty. It can increase the risks for developing coronary artery disease, HIV, asthma, and some other medical illnesses.

Depression is also the comprehension of the depth of human absurdity, depending on each one's experiences of life, and the notion that human cruelty has no limits, when they become victims of other people's selfishness and evil.People who are suffering from this type of depression generally show a loss of pleasure that were once enjoyed and a low mood that encompasses all aspects of life. These people may be preoccupied with inappropriate regret or guilt, self-hatred, and feelings and thoughts or hopelessness, helplessness and worthlessness. Other symptoms include difficulty in sleeping, withdrawal from social activities and situations, poor memory and concentration, suicide attempts, and thoughts of death.

Depression - when one is depressed, chances are they will eat more, or won't do work. That will cause gaining of body weight. Depression is just a common symptom for menopause. What we need to do about this is get ourselves back together. We need to know that menopause is just a stage that involves aging but that does not mean we should stop enjoying our lives. Most women think that when they reach menopausal stage, they are already old and their youth has ended. But the truth is you can still feel youthful depending on how you handle the situation. Try to age happily and gracefully. Medical journals are flooded with a lot of treatments and cure. Some are of the view that holistic approach like meditation, fitness regime, yoga with social support will enable him to soothe his mind and body. Research has proved that constant exercise help to activate the hormones. Anti depressant drugs are administered with the close monitoring of medical experts.

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