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Defining Vaporizer Whip at Length

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 45   |   Comments: 0
Vaporizer is very famous with smoke-loving people. It is used as an alternative to smoking in many parts of the world as vaporizer is a lung-healthy way of inhaling certain herbs or drugs. There are many parts of a vaporizer such as mouthpiece, gun and vaporizer whip or vapor whip and the like. Vapor whip is in the form of tube. It is held to the heating element and through this vapor whip vapor is inhaled. It is basically made of glass.

Vapor whips are one of the most inseparable parts of a vaporizer. If the vapor whip is not compatible with the vaporizer, there stands every chance that it will negatively affect one's vaporizing experience. So it is very important to make sure that the vapor whip which is going to be bought is completely compatible with vaporizer.

Improved glass vapor whip

The design of the glass vapor whip is made in such a way that fits a ground glass joint well. It is usually of 18mm. There are a few vaporizers with which this glass vapor whips are very much compatible. They include the VaporWarez, VaporCannon, the VaporDoc Vaporizer, the Pure Vaporizer and the Vapor King Vaporizer. It is advisable to choose right vapor whip compatible with the vaporizer. Only the right vapor whip can enhance one's vaporizing pleasure.

Standard vapor whip

This vapor whip is designed in such as a way that fits most of the standard vaporizers. This whip is completely compatible with the VaporCannon, VaporWarez, the VaporDoc Vaporizer, Vapor Brothers and the Vapor King Vaporizer and the Pure Vaporizer. Standard vapor whip piece is checked thoroughly before being available on the market.

How to clean a vapor whip:

By following the steps given below one can clean vapor whip.

The plastic tubing should be removed by running the whip under some hot or tepid water.

Now the handpiece should be placed in a ziplock bag.

It should be covered with rubbing alcohol and a fair amount of table salt should be poured in.

After that it should be shaken for some time and then the handpiece should be rinsed under some hot water.

This process should be repeated until the vapor whip is completely clean.

Vapor whips do not need high maintenance. What one needs to do is to keep the vapor whip clean. As it is made of glass, so it should not be dropped at any cost. If it falls down, it will break then and there. If it does not work, one can go for another one as it is available for very nominal rates.
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