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Dealing with the Effects of Teenage Acne

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 6   |   Comments: 0
Acne is probably the most prevalent skin condition in the world today. As such it also creates the most significant self image and emotional problems for a majority of the people who suffer from it, particularly teenagers. The emotional scars left by acne can be very detrimental to those who suffer from it. The problem is that doctors and dermatologists can treat the physical aspects of acne but if the acne persists the emotional trauma can be very high. For teenagers this is much more the case then those who suffer from adult acne. For a teenager going through puberty their whole self-mage revolves around how they look. It can determine who their friends are and how they are perceived and treated by others. The social impact of teenage acne can be very high and can lead to bouts of depression, shame, and self pity. If you are the parent of a teenager suffering from acne here are several tips to help you help them deal with their condition. Acne is temporary - Remind them that having acne is not a permanent condition. As they get older it will fade away and no one will be the wiser. Also remind them that those who make fun of them or ridicule them are not the type of people they would want as friends. Find a good dermatologist - It is your responsibility to see that your child sees a dermatologist who is well versed in treating teenage acne. The sooner you get your teen to a doctor the better. Their mood will change if they see quick results and a dermatologist is you best bet. It is important that you attend all appointments with you teenager as this will give you insight into the problem and will help you help you child follow the doctors directions. Parental guidance - Make sure you explain to your teen the things that he or she can do at home to help lessen the effects of acne. Things such as keeping their skin clean, drinking plenty of water, and eating healthy foods. Boost their self confidence - Dealing with constant the constant peer pressure, jokes and ridicule that comes with acne can have a profound effect on any teen's self-confidence. It is up to you to be there for them, to keep their morale high while they treat their condition. Dealing with the effects of teenage acne can take time, patience, and care. Being there for a teenager who suffers the physical and self image affects associated with acne can go a long ways towards making them not only feel better about themselves but it may also help speed up the healing process.
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