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Dead Skin on Feet

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 18   |   Comments: 0

Dry skin on feet is not uncommon for many individuals. In fact, dry, scaly hardened feet are one of the most common problems that a person may have. This happens when the natural oils in the feet becomes low or lost. In some instances, this may leads to severe skin infection such as dead skin in the feet. Definitely, if you are bothered by your foot problems like dry skin, then it's your duty to find the best ways to keep your skin silky and soft.

When looking to use foot cream for your feet, you will quickly realize that there are many different selections to choose from. In order to get the right foot cream for your skin, you may want to make sure that it contains Alpha Hydroxy. Alpha Hydroxy helps moisturize your skin by acting as an exfoliant. This means it removes the dry outer layers of skin so that the smooth, moist skin below it can be exposed. But because Alpha Hydroxy uses chemicals to exfoliate the skin.

Exfoliating the skin works like a charm on dried up feet. Make sure to moisturize the area after exfoliating. Repeat this procedure daily and the condition will improve automatically. Once the changes in the skin are visible, cut down the exfoliation to 3 times per week but continue to moisturize daily. It is impossible to just exfoliate and have great feet because there would be no moisture for the skin to work with. Exfoliation will not be able to prevent future cracking in absence of adequate moisture.

The first way to remove it is to soak your feet in Epsom salts and hot water. The water doesn't need to be extremely hot like your showers, but it does need to be a bit hotter than warm. Once the feet have absorbed the salts and the water, the skin gets pliant. From here you can use a pumice stone, a skin file or rasp to scrape off your dead skin.

Some people get dry skin on the feet naturally. Others get it after years of long, hot showers and baths that are filled with hot water. Older people also have a natural thinning of the skin which helps accelerate the drying out process. Your feet do not contain oil producing glands so they lack the ability to moisturize themselves naturally. The result is the drying out of the skin on your feet.

Take care of your feet by taking this second tip from the Dutch: choose shoes with wide arch and toe compartments. This will allow the feet not to feel constricted. This is the reason why Dutch factory workers are known to have very strong feet. After all, most foot problems are due to tight-fitting footwear used during work.

A toe corn is developed when skin cells duplicate in rapid succession due to repeated skin abrasion. For many women, this is a result of putting on high-heeled shoes. Though fashionable, wearing high heels shoves the toes into an uneasy position and compresses them together, while the feet exert great effort to keep upright. When you really think about it, those poor, unfortunate toes have no chance of escaping unscathed.

Start by researching on what kinds of products are best suited for your skin type. Given that each skin type is unique, each one has its own specific needs. Oily skin, for instance, is better off with gel based products so as not to aggravate the production of oil, while those with dry skin should stick to cream based beauty products as these will be able to give your skin the added moisture that it needs.

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