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Da Sell 3.6 Billion In Cash Or In Most Medium And Large Satisfied With The Results

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 10   |   Comments: 0
Da, finally to large and medium

Electrical Sold! Da from last April to sign in and Paradise "strategy

Cooperation Agreement ", the results Yongle been

States United States Electric acquisition, sudden, 150 million yuan deposit is forfeited medium and large electrical storm; later acquisition of Dazhong Electrical Appliance Suning Appliance interested in, and make a long M & A "fishing expedition", until December 12, Suning Appliance formally announced its withdrawal from acquisition; 12 16 Gome held a full press conference hosted Dazhong Electronics, Gome president Chen Xiao, Gome was officially announced on the exclusive option to buy Dazhong Electric power, the purchase price was 36.5 billion yuan.

Said that Gome electrical appliances on the market value assessment of large and medium large, medium and large electrical appliances more than 20 years mainly rooted in Beijing, but also to the development of North China, the current medium and large number of electrical outlets in Beijing alone has 61, including Tianjin, and other stores around the region, total number of 81, full year 2006 sales of 8.7 billion yuan. And Gome stores in China has thousands, but in Beijing currently has only 56 stores. The biggest competitors within the United States, is Suning, Suning currently 42 stores in Beijing, China large and medium U.S. integration, will be overwhelmed in the overall number Suning stores.

Deputy general manager Wang Junzhou Gome electrical appliances in the evaluation of large and medium value, he thinks the country is the United States pay more attention to medium and large electrical appliances market in Beijing's strategic position and future development value of more than 20 years since the development of medium and large electrical appliances, have a high loyalty

Consumption , From operating cost analysis, the core of large and medium electrical outlets have been in operation for nearly 20 years, compared to the same new stores, the cost of their properties better. Interestingly, in April this year, the United States at the 2007 Global State

Home Appliances Forum, a reporter asked, Gome Group, Chairman of the Board

Huang Guangyu How do medium and large electrical appliances and electrical outlets Paradise resources, Huang Guangyu answer to the gold content of medium and large electrical stores is much lower than Paradise, and Paradise can not be compared. But also for medium and large electrical appliances and lawsuit disputes between Paradise, Huang Guangyu no secret of the, said: "To put it bluntly, is that nothing good. Dazhong Electric violated professional ethics, took the 150 million people, but also where Ku Cheng tears people out of what

Network Investigation, posing as vulnerable groups. "

Today, the CIA has become relatives by marriage, the Chinese home appliance retail industry structure from the "Three Kingdoms" into a "Soviet hegemony." Some experts on the country to increase the combined US-Wing-lok said that is not optimistic, although the two synthesized one, but can not say that they form a "giant", Suning and Gome stores the competition is not only competitive, but including channels, marketing, personnel, etc. all aspects of competition. In the end who the winner will not end!

Dazhong Electronics was founded in 1982, Da owns 78% of the shares, Ms. Zhang Dazhong floor has the remaining 22% of the shares of the red. Da born in Beijing, said that he is "Lao Sanjie high school students", who jump the queue in the countryside of rural outskirts of Beijing in 1972, was assigned to work in Haidian District Supply and Marketing Cooperative. In early 1989, only 10 square meters of business area of the "large and medium

Sound Company "opened in Beijing Xidan, for parts sales, which is the first medium and large electrical stores. In 1999, Dazhong Electronics store officially set sail as electrical monopoly, in 2000 to open a six medium and large appliances chains, in 2003 a large increase in the amount of 32 electrical shop, electrical sales account for 50% of Beijing market share, becoming the only coverage of Beijing City, community and suburban counties of the electrical chain. In the same year, the first other ports large and medium sized electrical shop?? Tianjin Yellow Road store opened, marking the medium and large electrical appliances out of Beijing, a national electronics chain vendors, so far the country has reached 81 stores. but entered after 2005, Da has been the realization of the right want to leave, from the earliest 100 Buy appliances on the acquisition of large and medium sized rumors to the subsequent lawsuit with the Wing-lok, and Suning to the previous negotiations on the acquisition of large and medium, including the States United States Lightning completed the acquisition of large and medium, medium and large electrical appliances simply become

Auction Court's plaything, who went to whose hands the price another job.

Earlier, Suning Electric's purchase price of the 30 large and medium billion, but the country out of the conditions of the United States followed a full Bi Suning more more than 6 million, dilating in anything of the fixed heart. It is said the acquisition is completed, medium and large electrical appliances with its founder, will be completely out of ownership Da, Da 3.6 billion in cash after a successful departure.

Spring Festival this year will mark the 60th birthday of Da, the results may now be his most satisfying in this life was ... ...

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