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Cure Obesity With Ayurvedic Lifestyle Modifications

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 17   |   Comments: 0

Cure Obesity with Ayurvedic Lifestyle Modifications

Making a few changes to your lifestyle habits and you can enjoy a healthier you. Make the lifestyle modifications according to Ayurvedic principles and you can enjoy a smarter, active and fulfilling life - without starving.

Obesity in itself is not a disease. However, obese persons are prone to variety of diseases and physical conditions like hypertension, heart problems, arthritis, etc. Obese persons are also likely to become the target of teasing, which can lead to social anxiety.

According to Charaka, obesity is one among the eight undesirable physical qualities (nindya prakruti). The Ayurvedic term for obesity is Medaroga - a condition caused due to excess meda (fat).

It is a condition of excess nourishment to the meda dhathu (fat tissue), while depriving nourishment to other dhathus (body tissues). Reducing food intake is not an essential requirement, but balancing your food intake is.

Obesity or accumulation of excess fat can be either due to overeating or due to underlying physical conditions. It is always easier to keep your trim body that way than trying to trim down your obese body.

Ayurveda has a few suggestions for controlling and managing obesity.

Regularise your eating habits. Eat lots of wholegrain, fresh vegetables and fruits, while avoiding oily & fatty items. Eat only when you are hungry. Also don't eat (snacks) between meals.

Have an active lifestyle. Spending too much time indoors can lead to obesity. Get out into the farmland, sports ground, swimming pool or outdoors. Be physically active - it is good for your body and your mind.

Practice Yoga. Yoga is not an exercise program, but a recommended Ayurvedic lifestyle habit. Yoga can make overall changes to your life, strengthening your body, mind and helping you stay focused in anything you need. Your efforts to get away from obesity can also be your goal.

Have a regular sleeping pattern. Don't sleep in daytime and don't stay awake late into the night. Both can lead to obesity. Go to sleep before 10.30pm and wake up before 5.30 am. Our forefathers have given the proverb (early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise) not without a reason.

If you are a non-vegetarian, minimise the intake of meat. When taking meat, also take very little amount of red wine immediately after or a few hours after the meals. This helps in proper digestion. However, don't take any alcoholic beverage in empty stomach. Also don't take more than two drinks a day.

Dishes prepared from wholegrain wheat and rice form good menu. However, make sure there is little oil and ghee used in the cooking. Poori is bad, while chapatti is good.

Ayurvedic treatment for obesity includes use of massage techniques, which activates cell level metabolism, and other measures suggested by the physician according to the physical constitution and other factors related to the obese persons.


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