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Crucial Reminders for Booklet Design

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 25   |   Comments: 0

Doing a little booklet printing for the office? Using applications such as Microsoft Word, OpenOffice.org Writer or even Adobe InDesign? Well before you go full speed ahead with your booklet printing, let me give you a few crucial reminders about it. Especially if you are a novice in printing booklets, these reminders will be quite useful in making your drafts better, quicker and easier.

1.    Manage your left and right pages - In a booklet, not all pages are the same. Booklet printing involves managing €œright side pages and €œleft side pages. The margin dimensions for each is different and you have to remember to include these changes in your booklet design so that the booklet printing itself has no problems. Usually, a booklet template or a booklet creator wizard should solve these problems for you. So try and see if your software application has this built in. Otherwise, you'll have to set your pages manually by having €œleft side pages have a greater margin of the left, and €œright side pages have a greater margin on the right.

2.    Proper picture placement - Images must be placed with care in booklet layouts. You can't just place it anywhere you like. Just like in any book it is best to put images at the upper part of the page or upper part of the section within the page. This ensures that people will look at the image first and capture their attention.

3.    Proper picture resolutions - It is also crucial that you have the proper picture properties for booklet printing. You should not just copy and paste images that you see on the Internet. Booklet images must be always in high resolution to get the best picture quality possible. Many people make the mistake in placing low resolution images for booklet printing. When this happens the images can come out blurry and €œpixelize. So make sure this does not happen by minding your booklet picture resolutions.

4.    No orphans or widows on the text - You must also try and see if there are no €œorphans or €œwidows in your text. These are basically the text lines that can get out of place because of the page length or page sections. A booklet page can be wasted or it may look bad if it only has a line or two of text right? Make sure this does not happen by activating the €œmanage orphans or €œmanage widows feature in your desktop publishing application.

5.    Proper file formats - Lastly, you should mind the proper file formats for booklet printing. Try to ask what the ideal file format is for your booklet printing service. Once you know, try to design your booklet in that file format to minimize errors in printing. The worst thing that can happen if you have different file formats is that the conversion of the files will lead to wrong layouts and hence wasted booklet printing.

Great! These reminders should help you a lot in printing booklets. Make sure you take all of this into account for a better time in booklet printing and design.

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