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Creating A Healthy Relationship With Your Inbound Call Center Outsourcer

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 8   |   Comments: 0

Everything and everyone is in a relationship. Basically, humans do have family relationships where love, acceptance and happiness hover on every home. Flowers and insects unintentionally design a kind of bond which results to the conception of new breed of plants. Even companies engage in a relationship status. There is the so-called parent and subsidiary connection, mergers and joint ventures. In customer care, relationship also exists between the client company, you, and your partner, the outsourcer.

Every relationship needs to be nurtured with trust, honesty, constant communication and passion. An affair devoid with such essential elements will end up both separated and as enemies. The same is true when you outsource your customer care to the hands of an inbound call center, whether your partner is in the neighborhood or at the other side of the world. You are not just expected to do payments and evaluate performances of your chosen outsourcer. Aside from those, you are seen working hand-in-hand with your partner, from decision-making to celebrating success.

In a broader context, a healthy relationship makes the two of you become one, just like how husband and wife are united. It cannot be that you set high expectations while ignoring the capacity of your companion. Neither it is right that your partner concocts strategies and plans without your knowledge and approval. The bottom line is to build up unity or oneness.

To be able to fashion a solid foundation in this customer service support bond, here are important things to remember:

Expectations between two parties. State what you want and need for the inbound call center to do while weighing what your partner also expects with you. Both of you ought to draw the line between what's possible from what's not. When the two of you are not honest with your intentions, frustration will spring when they are not met. On the other hand, establish parameters in your relationship and how you are going to work together as one.

Lay down your plans and be sure that it is understood by the outsourcer. Needless to say, both of you should be headed to the same direction. So to speak, your outsourcer ought to have a clear understanding of the whys and hows. Do give time to explain the background, context and operating guidelines of your plans so that all will be properly executed.

Take the time to talk. They say that the demise of most relationships is owing to a poor communication. With that, I cannot digress. Constantly, have the time to talk things over to know the progress of the undertaking, to learn if there is/are existing problem/s and the possible remedies to cure such wounds and to keep the bond away from shrinking.

Be always involved. Participate actively in meetings, brainstorming and giving of updates. I bet no one likes to be ignorant about current situations and assessments. Another important thing to do is to regularly assess the performance of your outsourcer. This determines the strengths and weaknesses.

Be part of the solution. Outsourcing is not without challenges. When things seem bad, team up with your partner to easily and quickly eliminate obstacles. Instead of throwing diatribes and unintelligible comments, take part in crafting solutions. Do not be part of the problem, but be a part of the answers.

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