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Cooking Romantic Dinner Recipes With Romantic Food

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 16   |   Comments: 0

I once read research work by two Sociologists, and I knew what they were saying. They wrote that "Women go through life out of synchronization with reality". How does romantic dinner recipes for two fit in? Read on, and you be the judge.

The Sociologists explained that women do not confront reality head-on, and that they are prone to bury their heads in the sand. They also explain that women are good at pretending that things are the way they are not lying to themselves and to others. It is very possible. There is a situation that I strongly believe women must confront head-on without lying and pretending: they remain losing their men slowly, gradually ~and in most cases~ imperceptibly. Some never get to know it. Some may suspect it. Others do what women do very well: they pretend.

Observing men, it is not hard to realize that they are creatures of nature. Women never come to learn that it is not fathers, older brothers, or uncles breaking the news to younger men. It is nature's designer the one telling men to take all the women they can. To have one woman is socially and legally imposed, but nature's designer mandates otherwise using three powerful tools:

* Deeply embedded instincts how to conceive the human female.

* A vigorous sex drive.

* Wrapping it all up is the mighty Testosterone.

Men know all of it when we look at each other in the eye.

The risk to wives becomes serious when other women fervently wave a flag: "I am equal to men, independent, and liberated". Those women make themselves available to go to bed with a guy they met at the office or other places regardless of his marital status. Personally, I do not see how women are equal doing that; but I know that guys may well go with the flow acting on a cocktail a mastermind relentlessly imposes on them.

Fortunately, there is a magnificent way to keep men with their wives. It never fails to work, and that way is finding ideas cooking romantic dinner recipes for two using romantic food. Bring up the chair, and let me explain.

Ideas on romantic dinner recipes for two must be executed using imagination. It is all fueled when a wife acquires the ideas for cooking romantic dinner recipes using romantic food. Altogether, it allows that wife to create fabulous and unforgettable evenings that get etched in two hearts. It is "the" romantic way to let him know how far his wife can go for his love. In the process, that wife gave herself a great chance to learn how to transform romantic food into bomb shell of nutrients to nourish both healths and his virility, but still satisfying his taste.

Few things are more engaging to a man than coming to his wife who transformed a regular day into a romantic evening using ideas for romantic dinner recipes for two. She opens the gates to enchanting evenings to make him remain in love. It is a proficient way to surprise him often enough until romance becomes the norm in your life rather than an event that occurs "Yes... some times".

When a wife feeds her relationship and keeps the fire going, she preserves her right to keep her man in love with her instead of coming to her after an encounter with another woman.

Women may be out of synchronization with reality,
but they have a splendid and magical tool by their
side: ideas cooking romantic dinner recipes for two.

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