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Conventional Advertising Versus Promotional Products

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 10   |   Comments: 0

Any business owner or manager that is preparing to launch a marketing campaign must consider the different advertising methods and strategies. Because our world has made it impossible to escape advertising, you must consider what advertising venue will actually impact your target market. Obviously, much of this depends upon the type of business that you are in and who you are targeting.

Who is Your Target Market?

The first question that you must answer is €œWho is your target market? You must be as specific as possible when answering this question because every aspect of your campaign will hinge upon the answer. In order to decide who your target market is, let's generate answers to a few questions:

  • Will you be selling to businesses, individuals, or both?
  • Would your product or service most likely interest males or females, or both?
  • What age bracket will your typical customer fall into, and be specific?
  • What financial bracket will your product appeal to?
  • Will your product tailor to a particular industry, niche, or hobby group? For example, if you sell golf clubs you would not specifically target internet enthusiasts.

You want to appeal to the typical customer first, not those that are interested in your product but are a rare find in your client base. Answering these questions will give you a better understanding of what type of advertising will be most successful for your industry.

Types of Advertising Available

The types of potential advertising avenues are infinite. Those that think outside the box are generally those that are most successful. There are traditional methods and modern techniques. Each has its own value. Let's look at some of the choices you have today.

  • Newspaper and telephone book ads.
  • Television and radio ads.
  • Billboards and signage.
  • Websites and email campaigns.
  • Word of mouth.
  • Specialty promotional items.

This is by no means an all inclusive list, but you get the idea. Successful businesses integrate multiple techniques and methods into their advertising campaign, and are limited by only their advertising budget.

A good business person doesn't want to simply throw money out there and hope that it yields a decent return. This means that you must analyze which type of advertising will most likely reach your target market. That's why it is so important to accurately assess who you are targeting and then determine which methods of advertising most appeal to that group.

Pros and Cons of Different Forms of Advertising

Each method has its good and bad points. The good is obviously that it reaches and attracts a specific target market. Tangible ads, like most specialty items, newspaper and phone book ads, also offer the ability to reference the contact information repeatedly. Word of mouth has always been regarded as the best advertising method because it carries credibility with it.

On the flip side, newspapers, television and radio, and billboards and signage generally only offer a brief fleeting window of opportunity for your ad to grab the reader's attention before the information disappears. It also doesn't provide a large amount of time to secure the contact information.

Benefits of Specialty Promotional Advertising

Whatever method that you choose, combining specialty promotional product give away items will cement the deal. If you choose an item that will appeal to your target market and will be useful repeatedly, this will create a subconscious emotional loyalty, provide access to your contact information for possibly years to come, and compliment every other form of advertising. The people at Red Fish Marketing have a wide variety of excellent specialty products that will appeal to virtually every target market. Find out more at www.redfishmarketing.com.au.

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