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Constipation Home Remedy Solutions To Improve Your Regularity

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 8   |   Comments: 0

Are you looking for long-term constipation home remedy solutions that will promote digestive health and regularity?

Constipation is not only uncomfortable and painful, but it is also very unhealthy. However, laxatives can cause dehydration, hinder the absorption of certain vitamins and minerals, and create a dependency on harsh stimulates for constipation relief. Natural, drug free remedies will provide a permanent solution that will solve your constipation issues and help prevent future problems.

Natural remedies are often less expensive than traditional laxatives, with many being available at your local supermarket or health center.

  1. Exercise: A sedentary lifestyle is associated with a slower metabolism and a sluggish digestive system. By simply walking or jogging for a ½ hour a day you can stimulate natural bowel contraction, promote regularity, and prevent constipation. And, unless you prefer to purchase a health club membership, exercise is absolutely free! Regular activity can help reduce the time it takes for food to travel through the intestines which will also lower the amount of water being absorbed and ease the movement of matter through the digestive tract.
Water: Dehydration is one of the most common reasons for constipation. Your body is 50-65% water, and keeping it replenished is essential to assist in digestion and prevent dehydration. Water acts as a lubricant for the digestive tract, helping to facilitate the movement of food and flush the colon. Papaya: Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is important to regularity and digestive health. Although kiwi, figs, and lemons are also very effective, papaya is one of the best sources of fiber, offering a gentle constipation treatment. Papaya extract is often used in digestive aids as it contains a component known as papain which helps with the digestion of proteins. Psyllium Seed: Insufficient amounts of dietary fiber is a main cause of constipation, and adding fiber to your diet through supplements or wiser food choices is one of the best long-term home remedy solutions. Psyllium is a good source of soluble fiber which promotes bowel regularity and improves digestive health. Available in seed or powder form, it is easy to sprinkle on cereal, stir into soup, or add to your favorite recipes. Psyllium can also be taken as a supplement through capsules or products such as Metamucil. It is important to remember that you must drink plenty of water since psyllium is a bulk forming product and can have a reverse effect if insufficient liquid is consumed. Flax: Also high in dietary fiber, ground flax protects and cleans the digestive tract, relieving and protecting against constipation. Flax oil also acts as a lubricant for the intestines and promotes a healthy colon. Added to food or taken on its own, flax is an ideal remedy that also offers many other health benefits for your body. Fennel Seeds: When consumed after a meal, fennel stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes, lessens the time it takes for food to move through the digestive tract, and prevents constipation. Castor Oil: This is one of the oldest constipation home remedy solutions, and is still used today because it really works. Taking 1-2 teaspoons on an empty stomach will act as a bowel stimulant to purge the colon. Castor oil also helps to prevent the absorption of water from the intestines which increases the amount of fluid in the bowel and prevents constipation.

An unhealthy digestive system can lead to many other health problems, so finding effective constipation home remedy solutions will not only relieve discomfort and improve regularity, but can also protect against other illnesses and diseases.

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