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Conjoined to neo creation there is a dire need of destruction too

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 16   |   Comments: 0

The goal of agriculture is to reap a good harvest. It is thus that humans, birds and animals get food. Even flies, cockroaches etc fill their tummies thus. This action is totally creative and there is not even an iota of intention to hurt or aim hardship at anyone. Yet the way this task commences something very different is viewed grossly and it seems that over here tasks of destruction and battering are being executed.

First the land is ploughed. Ploughed means land whose surface was smooth is dug up and rendered uneven. On seeing this we can say that a destructive and battering act has been executed. After this old grass, weeds, pebbles, stones etc are dug out and thrown away. Even here a gross superficial brain shall conclude hastily that what was dwelling in this land for a long time span has been exiled and that gathered €˜wealth' is being thrown away. Despite all this a seer and farsighted person shall not find it difficult at all that there is no tainted sentiment behind all this upheaval and digging. In fact the ultimate goal is creation only. If we imbibe the principle of allowing to remain in existence all that which was already present before the hard labor of a farmer may have been saved yet he knows that without digging the soil it land cannot become soft and porous for water to seep right below and for roots to enter deep below the ground. In a gist we can say that all this so called hardheartedness is done for ultimate well being of all creatures. There is thus no need to censure the doer or author of all this.

At this hour of dawn of Era something of this sort is happening. At the commencement of Era Junction incidences of strife and pain swarm about like flies. Akin to lightning in the sky, ire of natural calamities shines forth and rises high. Man's vile intellect is getting converted to tainted activities and its result is undergoing harassment. Thus people labor hard to save themselves from it. Despite this effort its atrocities continue merrily. Neither do mosquitoes die nor do flies get saved from kites. Rising struggle and dangers in every field of life can be witnessed in this manner.

In this auspicious hour of neo creation on seeing the reactions of these hardships at least once we gasp in despair saying that there should have been solutions for all the strife faced. Almighty God should have showered on us all joyous comforts and along with blessings should have augmented sense pleasures. Yet what actually takes place is bang opposite to this. How can this be labeled Era Creation wherein hardships rule the roost? In order to clarify this doubt one shall have to imbibe the art of farsighted inference and realize that akin to digging and battering land while tilling it the ultimate goal is to reap a rich harvest of crop. This exactly is what is meant by deep thinking about reactions of today's actions that shall be noted in future times.

When we construct a building the aim is to reside there happily and comfortably. Buildings rise higher up from the ground yet its commencement is so complex that one directly viewing it thinks that a wrong erroneous method has been used. First a big crater is dug up and all the mud in it is removed. Yet the requirement was bag opposite to this. Actually a building is constructed by using bricks and cement on even ground but here in the beginning the even ground is dug up akin to a crater. Thus a superficial eye shall say it is nothing but a loss. It is futile to dig the ground and throw away the mud. Now in order to render the ground uniform and even this crater shall have to be filled with materials that are very expensive. This indeed is double foolishness. In fact it was better that instead of wasting effort and money of digging this crater and refilling it in a uniform manner the land that was previously uniform should have been used to build the walls of the building. An ordinary intellect will only think thus superficially and shall €˜pity' those who dig a crater first. They will experience no qualms or compunction while mocking builders who give advice and method of digging a crater first.

Despite all this happening wise seers do not find it difficult at all to gauge reality. They know that in order to build a strong building the foundation must be very firm else the moment the weight of the building increases it shall be razed to the ground. The result shall be that whatever hard labor and wealth was used for construction shall get wasted. Walls shall get shattered and will crash down. Added to this one shall face insults and worries. No doubt it is true that whatever material and hard work was used to lay a firm foundation could have been used to make one more big room. Yet it is not wrong to say that the act of laying down a strong foundation of the building which appears €˜wasteful' to the gross eye in actuality is most required. Without taking up this risk a long lasting, strong building cannot be constructed. Of course it is another matter if we wish to build a hut of wood, leaves etc that shall rot in a very short time.

Almighty Lord is now constructing a new building and at this hour of Era Junction is digging a firm foundation and filling it with materials full of strength. God in order to reap a rich harvest is enacting a well managed program. He is laboring to plough his field. Although the €˜frenzy' of rendering an even land into an uneven one and digging out hoarded €˜wealth' from it has taken over his psyche, yet say, what can be done? If we do not remove pebbles, weeds etc how can the new sowed seeds grow into saplings with roots that goes deep down into the soil? Hence God has to carry out a so called non required and non endearing act. By itself everyone is happy with creation and abhors destruction. Initially God too must be feeling thus but for attaining that which is endearing non endearing means need to be made used of.

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