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Complete Bathrooms And Basements Renovations Or Improvements For Less!

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 10   |   Comments: 0

Complete basement and Bathroom Renovations can be very expensive! Installing a bathroom in your basement costs about $3000 more because there is a lot of extra work involved for drainage.

The average basement can be completed including walls, laundry, bedrooms, bathroom for around $30,000 and up. $10,000 for a bathroom and $20,000 for the rest. This should include plumbing, wiring, lights, carpentry, labor and much more.

What most people don't seem to understand is there is a lot of work involved. Quality work cost money and not always the big name companies deliver what you are looking for.

At Quality Home Renovations Niagara we have learned this the hard way. Trying to give the people what they really want plus a little extra. People ask for what they cannot afford always. More always cost more.

You are better to start with about $30,000 and have some extra laying around because changes to the original plan will change the outcome of the price.

Example I am working on a bathroom and the customer wants a complete gut job. No Problem. for people in our field. This is not some guy who has a lot of money just some average Joe. It would about $12000 for a complete gut with marble tiles new vanity, toilet, whirlpool tub, window, sub floor, plumbing, wiring.and don't forget the extras.

When I first talked to him he told me straight out Tiles because he said he could not afford marble. He thought it would cost about $5000.00 to do this type of work. Maybe through some bathroom fitters or some thing.

They would have came in and covered up the shabby stuff and you would never see what was behind the walls. For me to do all the work in tiles it would be around $10,000 we talked about the price and we agreed he could afford to spend about $8,000. So we have a deal.

I decided on myself to give this guy the best. Nice vanity, cedar walls, New toilet, whirlpool tub, Fancy chrome a matching throughout,  the tiles an expensive Black Marble!

Why this guy worked hard his whole life and he need some help. I didn't wont somebody to rip him off. His wife needs a nice tub that she could relax in with a really nice shower head for him. small bathroom, top of the line stuff. It will probably cost me a lot but i just made a new friend and a life long customer.

He already told me he wishes to do the kitchen after he pays off his credit card and saves some more money. Know you see how this works!

I will be finished next week and then get back to a couple of other jobs on the go! Keep in Mind you should always think what you want to spend first. then let me see what I can do for you Go directly to our web site at http://www.homerenovationsniagra.com

Feel free to email us

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