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Common Pryers

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 24   |   Comments: 0

Oh God you are great and therefore, you know that what are the demands of this man on this earth and it can be said that no demand could take its birth till you so desire. Therefore, this man should not be compelled to come to you and place his demands before you. When you know the minimum needs of this man and you yourself had created all these demands, then it is your duty to ensure that this man should have all the minimum things which are required for proper running of this life. None should be left unlucky because all are your production and when one is the producer, he must ensure that none is created as inferior than the other. All the people on this earth must have the same quality and all should be useful people and none should be undesired and useless person. If a desire takes birth in the mind of a person, that desire must be fulfilled immediately without any further efforts. You may give birth to these desires in the mind of the man and then immediately you should give him power to initiated work on that project and then within the prescribed time that desire must be completed and fulfilled. You can do this you must do like this so that there should none who remains frustrated and sad. Whosoever initiates a project, he must be allowed to complete the same and must be happy that he has done something for himself and for the people around him. I hope you would listen to me and shall see that desires of the people are fulfilled without any further delay and all are happy and satisfied.

Oh God you are great. As and when I need something, I immediately reach before you and pray for my success and in most of the cases my prayers are accepted. I have come to the conclusion that as and when one needs something, he should approach you directly and he should not engage another person for praying for him. Today I have again come before you and today I am with a demand that from today, I should be able to work for others too. If one work I could do for others on each day, that shall be enough for the first start. I had been demanding much for me and from today, I want to do something for others. Therefore, Oh God, please do help me and enable me to be ready to help others around me. From today, i want to start with one work on each day and then I shall be desiring that I should be able to do more than one work for others. And at the same time, I shall desire that all the people in this world should start thinking like me and they too should start doing at least one good work for others. They must be able to understand what is good work and they must do a good work for others. I should be allowed to work for others, but at the same time, I shall desire that I should not breed more and more beggars, but I should be in a position to help others in such a way that tomorrow they too should be able to help others and do something better for others. I hope Oh God that you would help me in this regard.

Oh God you are great and you are present at every place on this earth and in the skies. You are the creator and keep all the creation in functional order. I want that everyone on this earth must be having a desire in his mind to establish friendship with others and there should be none on this earth who should create enmity with others and amongst others. Whenever two people meet, they should be in a position to establish love and nothing more. This is possible for you only because as far as this man on earth is concerned, he could not create love and friendship with more people. No one on this earth can tell the names of his close friends which could be more than two or three. But if we ask him to tell the names of those from whom he has got some fear, then he shall be telling us names of so many people. We have repeatedly been told that we all are members of one family with one parentage, but we are always creating more and more distance and we are never close to each other. So Oh God, only you can come on this earth and only you can establish friendship amongst all the people on this earth. We shall never be able to establish a universal friendship. Therefore, must experiments had been there and now the mankind has already been divided in different groups and all the groups are clashing with each other and they are polluting this earth. Therefore, Oh God come down on this earth and bring friendship amongst the people so that we, the people of this could live a peaceful life.

Oh God you are Omnipresent and therefore, you are watching all our activities. When you are present everywhere, then we are not at fault when we do something wrong. It is your duty to see that we are on the right path and when we are trying to adopt something wrong, it is your duty Oh God to stop us immediately before we could cause loss or damages to another fellow being on this earth. You are like a parent to us and therefore, if we are going wrong, your contribution is there and therefore, you should see that none of us goes in the wrong direction and he is always right and on the right path. It is possible for you because you are Omnipotent and Omnipresent and we have repeatedly been told that whatever we do in this world, all is as per your directions, and we are nobody to do something independently. Therefore, Oh God, please do see that we are on the right path. If the devil is disturbing us, he should be recalled so that he should stop giving us wrong directions and misleading us. We are very weak and therefore, we are not in a position to see what is good for us and what is bad for us and often bad things attract us more and we are inclined to work on the wrong side. If this Devil is present in this world, the people of this world would never be on the right side and often then shall be found doing wrong things. The only solution is that this devil should be recalled. This Devil would not allow us to be on the right side.

Oh God you are great and I have been told that you are the parent of us all. I have also been told that both men and women are having equal status in your kingdom. I have also been told that you have give n a higher status to the woman and you have raised her to the status of €˜mother' of all the people on this earth. But I have seen that here on this earth this man is having relations sex relations with more than one woman whereas this woman is not allowed to have sex relations with more than one man. This system had been established by the man on this earth who is considering himself superior to woman and that is the reason this man has established the institution of prostitution, dev dassis, call girls, dancing girls etc. and at times he is found indulging in adultery. And in spite of all these illegal and beyond morality grounds, he could establish his honourable place in the society in which he lives, but if such things are attached with a woman, she is ousted from the society and no one would like to have matrimonial relations with such a woman. Therefore, Oh God, please come down on this earth and you must see that all men who are indulging in or is developing relations with prostitutes, dancing girls, dev dassis, call girls or are having adulterous relations with other women should be given punished and at the same time are stopped from indulging in such extra matrimonial relations and this should be done without any further delay. This woman had been suffering from generations and when she finds that her husband is away with another woman, what happens in his mind, only you can assess. We the people this world are not in a position to assess the plight of this woman.

Oh God you are great and the people who believe in your existence and in your omnipresence are also great. But I have noted that most of the people who are having faith in you start showing that they are different persons and are not common people. They start wearing a different set of clothes, they start speaking in a different tone and they start opening their eyes in a different manner. It is also on record that such people start calling themselves saints, sadhus, faqirs or the like. Many of them start living on alms or on charity and they do not work to earn their living. Some of them leave the house and the children and run away from family life. Their families start suffering because there remains none to earn for them and maintain them. At least I am not in a position to bear all such people and I therefore, pray before you that you should give us a clear guidance. Whether all of us should become saints, sadhus and faqirs or we should become common people and earn our livelihood with our own hands. Since this line of saints, sadhus and faqirs is having more income resources, more and more people are joining this line and thus these people are an additional burden on those who work and earn. Oh God please do come on this earth and see that none is dependant upon others and even the so-called saints, sadhus and faqirs should be asked to earn their own living with their own hands. If any body is interested in having links with you, he should not be a separate kind of person. We all are your sons and daughters and therefore, we too are having direct contact with you and none is better before you. Therefore, Oh God, please write off this separate class of people. We all should be in one category and we all are your sons and daughters and are not far away from you neither we are in a position to leave you and go away.

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