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Colour Psychology Really Matters. Donot Neglect It!

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0

As a business owner, running whatever site, it is important that you constantly try new ways in which you can make a good impression on your customers. It is essential for your business. The reason is because in the world of internet marketing you have only a few seconds to show your professionalism to your customers. Most online surfers, whether you like it or not, judge your site through their first glance at it. So your part is to make use of these few short seconds and get hold of their attention.

You must remember that your website is representing you. So in order to portray yourself as a professional you must use good logo design and suitable colour. First impressions are very important. Here is a question, how many times, have you judged someone you met, for the first time, from their appearance? Most likely, every single time.

While it is true that, having a good customer base and more importantly credibility among your customers, is important, so is proper logo design and appropriate colour. It is one of the reasons why viewers bother to look at your site.

Did you know you can actually control the mood of your visitors with your choice of colour? This is a well overlooked concept, but in reality, colour affects our emotions. So it's a good idea to know which colours trigger which emotions. Choosing good colour can sometimes be the difference between a sale or not. You need to choose the right colour for your website and an appropriate logo, which must also have the perfect colour combinations, to give your site visitors the impression of an experienced webmaster.

Everything we see around us has colour. We all have a certain psychological response to certain colours, and these responses reveal who we are, and how we think. Colour is the first thing we notice when we land on a web page. Combine that perfect touch of colour and a very attractive logo, then you have site visitors who are likely to stay, longer than the average thirty seconds.

So now comes the question of which colours should you use? First of all its always good to keep a white background for your content, simply because white is easy on the eyes. From the wide spectrum of colours, you should go with your sites theme. Here are a few points to take into consideration.

First of all use think carefully when you choose a colour for a logo design. Some stuff is just stripped down to common sense logic. For example most products at a supermarket shelf that have a red colour wrapping, are in one way or the other, associated with, strawberries. The same goes with yellow, which is usually used for a product that smells of either lemon or, tastes of a bitter lemon flavor.

Red colours are often considered as stimulators of warmth and excitement. Colours such as blue and green regarded as cool colours, because these colours especially the bright greens and blues can enhance feelings of calm. Dark colours can be associated with heavy objects whereas, light colours with the exact opposite; light objects. Also be careful, sometimes colours like green, can mean two things, such as, money or, it may portray greed.

So don't neglect the issues of logo design and colour, believe me it matters!

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