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Colon Cleansing Enema Cleans You Once For All

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 9   |   Comments: 0

Do you know what Colon Cleansing Enema is? It's not a complex treatment for cleaning the colon. This is just the use of liquid called enema through a tube in to the colon through the external anal hole in the body. This is the most traditional way of cleansing, which is being followed for more than five century of years. 

The enema is used for the cleaning of the intestine, for which the patient suffered the illness due to constipation. Enema is provided for this purpose, to remove the toxic faucal matter that is accumulated in the colon of the intestine due to irregular bowel movement. The accumulation here could be for the following reasons.

     - Constipation due to the control of the patient,

     - Heavy diets that cannot be digested by the digestive system,

     - Parasite accumulation like ring worm, wood worm and hook worm.

Since toxification is the cause of colon problems the use of colon cleansing enema will be the easiest and the best remedy than using the laxatives, that does not have the effect of enema and which does not give immediate relief. There are different types of enema as listed below.

1.    Herbal enema using herbs as ingredient

2.    Yoghurt Enema

3.    Clarkia Enema

4.    Epsom Salt Enema

5.    Coffee Enema

The above list is just a small number which is used regularly in the medical field. There are many more kinds also. Of the above list, Yoghurt enema, Epsom salt enema, can be used in the house itself, as they are ingested orally by the patient. They all cure the bowel movement, inflammatory disease in the bowel and intestine.

The Yoghurt enema administrated in to the body should be home made. This is because the yoghurt used must contain living bacteria, which cannot be expected from a store. The coffee enema uses the ingredients like coffee powder and hot water. The steps in this process of usage are:

     - Mix the ground coffee powder (4 table spoon) with two cups of hot water.

     - Keep the solution cool and put in a bottle or bag which ever is easier

     - Pour the solution through the rectum (external anal hole) using a tube.

This process helps in cleaning the colon and within a few minutes the waste and toxic substances in the body are washed away. There is a chance of dehydration for the person. How ever it is not so serious as it is normal while using enema. Clarkia enema is a tincture mixed with the water and administrated in the same way as above. This has a powerful probiotic that does not dissolve in the juices of intestine.

Using the Colon Cleansing Enema is proved to be successful as some of the enema treatment has even washed the HIV constituent from the body formed at the initial stage. Herbal enema with Aloe-Vera is not used in pregnant women. Using this at the convenience of the home is better as no other pollution will enter through the rectum when compared with the cleanliness of the nursing home.

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