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Clothes Airers - The Marketing Product Of The Year?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 113   |   Comments: 0

What really makes a successful product? Why is it that some adverts are really awesome and others simply not?

Some believe that the words you write make all the difference. The new Vanish advert is a cracker. Vanish crystal white with added Intelligence Plus! This is a powder product which removes stains. And some marketing manager has dreamed up the words "intelligent plus". Now it implies that not only will Vanish Crystal White remove the stains but it has the added ingredient - intelligent plus!

 Clothes airers do things differently. No hype - no slogans - no word waffled claims. All hours of the day and night your clothes airer will allow your laundry to dry. All types of laundry. Polyesters and cottons, nylons and silks. No need to separate.

 Clothes airers extend the life of your laundry. Why? Because they do not beat the clothes and remove the fluff. Fluff or lint is the body of your laundry.

 Volume products such as fast moving consumer goods regularly hype up their product. It's a sort of dog eat dog existence where competition is so intense that product marketing is a science. Claim follows claim. Some infer that you are not a good mother if you do not use their product!

 The clothes airer makes no such demands. Quietly and effectively it gets the job done. The full range of airers provides a real alternative to the energy hungry tumble dryer. A floor standing airer on the balcony, patio or any room. The over the bath multiway washing line is a must for busy families. And the wall mounted airer in the kitchen, utility room a laundry airer is totally flexible. Extending from its wall cover when needed. Creating more usable line, space! Then retractable when not in use. Combined with a towel rail the "system" is available 24/7. No "Intelligence Plus" needed to save energy, money, clothes and time.

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